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Why do people get addicted to gambling?

There are a number of reasons to explain why people get addicted to gambling. These reasons vary and affect each individual differently. Are we then saying, no matter who you are, you can get addicted to gambling? Well, then answer is yes. If you are a fan of gambling, you might find yourself affected by any of these reasons if you do not keep your actions in check.

Some of the reasons why people get addicted to gambling are;

Huge First Win.

With a huge first win, most gamblers forget that this isn’t the case with reality. They go back again and again hoping to replicate this big first win and before long find themselves in the grip of an addiction. This experience has found most gamblers chasing the holy grail of ’another huge first win’.

Failure to keep track of wins and losses.

This is crucial as you cannot avoid losing track of your wins and losses. When you find yourself at a game, it is best to monitor how much losses you are taking in as opposed to wins. When you find out you are making more losses than wins, it is advised to pull out. Most gamblers unfortunately do not keep track of this and before long might not rake in so much losses their lives and finances would be at risk.

Easy Access to Gambling.

It is one thing to have the desire to gamble and it is another to have the avenue to pursue it. The avenue to gamble is everywhere. Some countries though have more access to gambling sites and platforms than others. Gambling is even more pervasive now as you can easily place bets online with the aid of your smartphone. This makes gambling easily accessible and the ease to which gamblers can place their bets on games is also easier. It then follows, the easier it is to access gambling the easier it is to get addicted. When a gambler is faced with the hurdle of lack of opportunity to gamble it might help curb an addiction. So, the easier it is to access gambling sites the easier it is to get addicted.

Financial Woes

Finding yourself in financial worry might be the trigger which leads to gambling. The possibility of landing a big win which would be enough to clear all debts you have, leads most people to the gambling halls. There is this false hope when faced with financial issues that the next spin of the dice, the next hand of cards, the next new casino would bring that big win. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as it only serves to make the situation worse and the individual finds themselves trying to make up for even bigger losses racked in.

Personal Stress

As an individual when we face certain type of troubles. Such troubles can be a divorce, a loss of a loved one, loss of job etc. This might push someone to seek some form of release. Some individuals turn to alcohol, some to smoking, or drugs while some turn to gambling. This is all in a bid to escape from the thought of what they are going through or just to experience a situation which makes them feel alive. Over time, gambling will move from just been a form of release to a life line which anchors them to life. When this happens, most individuals lose track of how much they have lost or even how much they have won. Most individual describe it as been underwater and not been aware of a problem till it gets too late.

Victims of Abuse.

No matter the form of abuse people suffer, they always look for a way to escape from it. Just as with personal stress, victims of abuse will find a way to forget about the hurt they have endured or are enduring. Some would find themselves seeking out gambling. The thrill of the win, the possibility of landing a big win places these individuals in control with is what most victims of abuse seek. In the quest for this control, most individuals loss themselves in losses and find themselves in an addiction.

Family History of Gambling Addiction.

Growing up with family members who have an addiction to gambling could find some individuals having the same addiction. There is no medical proof that this is genetic but seeing similar patterns in families support the fact that a gambling addiction can be passed down.

Seemingly easy way to make Money.

Most individuals think about the yacht, the gulf stream, the designer clothes, that penthouse apartment, they could buy. They think about that celebrity lifestyle they could live. All they just need is to keep winning at the tables. You just need to place one bet and you have the opportunity to make thousands of dollars without having to work for years. With the click of a few buttons, you could become rich. This false hope might see most individuals chasing the elusive ‘golden fleece’ and without them been aware they find themselves addicted to gambling.

One major problem most gamblers face which they never speak of is debt. Most gamblers go to lengths which they would never ordinarily consider because they need to finance their habit or pay of monies to creditors. Most people have gone to far as to steal from their places of work, their businesses or even their families to fuel their gambling habit. Most gamblers when caught in any of these acts face the full force of the law and sometimes end up in jail.

There are ways by which gambling addictions can be cured. First is, the individual in question must recognise they have a problem and are willing to seek help. They have to be committed to getting better by recognising the triggers which lead to gambling. Taking this first few steps will see such an individual well on their way to recovery and taking their lives back.



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