Why do Tourists love to Bet on sports in Thailand?

Thailand is the world’s one of the most favourite destinations for vacation. According to the Global Destination Cities Index of the year, 2013 Bangkok was the most visited city in the world. Millions of people worldwide travel to Thailand every year. The country’s culture, sandy beaches, shopping destinations attract maximum the population of the world. Nowadays people are going to Thailand for their destination wedding. Every person has a reason for visiting Thailand.

Nevertheless, there is another option for getting attracted to Thailand. Its gambling and betting culture. Like other countries, gambling is a huge industry in Thailand. Travelers from different countries travel all over to Thailand for investing their money in gambling

Betting Games you can try while you are on a Thailand tour

Here are few sports betting games that the tourist finds attractive to play:

Soccer: Soccer is the number one game in the world. Millions are spent when it comes to World Cup. However, you don’t have to be a soccer supporter to gamble on soccer. There are chances to win in soccer is by taking two ways. Moneyline, which one can get through Doble Chance and draw no bet. Goals are important in this game. It is advisable to go for the exact score.

Tennis: Tennis may not be popular as soccer or cricket tennis is also supported by the punters. The most profitable way to bet is the Moneyline. By placing a bet on tennis one can either one can bet on the number of partners won or the number of games played.

Horse racing: Horse racing competitions are exciting bets and are comprehensive. Horse racing gambling has been continued for centuries in the racecourse. Here is the list of games that the tourists are attracted to

Darts: Dartboards are one of the profitable options for the gambled. In Great Britain and the Netherlands, there are lots of dart levels. One can place bets on the winner of the whole match or the winner of the doubles.

Some sports betting in Thailand are legal and safe

Horse racing and lottery are legal and safe gambling options. The Thai lottery is not just opened for Thai citizens but people from other countries also can play the lotteries. Drawing of lotteries are held on the 1st and 16th of every month. Horse race betting is held on sanctioned tracks is completely legal and is run by the Military Police of Thailand.

However, if people cannot speak their native language, they may need an interpreter with them because the bookmakers accept bets only in Thai. If any tourist finds pleasure in gambling they should stick to these legal options.

Thailand is a hub of gambling and betting. Apart from the tourists’ native people also are keen to play. Despite being illegal in Thailand, the craze of gambling isn’t lost among tourists.

Tourists when visiting the country also visit the betting sites for betting. It’s better to do play safe when you intend to bet while you are in Thailand. If you are ever planning a trip to Thailand do visit the betting site, TopThaiBet.com will guide you with the information you need.