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Why Do Women Need to Start Selling on Amazon?

Every day we come across several women making strides in the business world. When it comes to e-commerce, women buyers are creating an enormous impact on the business. Women drive around 70-80% of the purchasing decisions. Also, companies with higher female employees as C-suite executives are more profitable than the others.

Yes, women play a significant role in the changing business world. Now, let’s see why women need to start selling on a dominant e-commerce platform like Amazon and what kind of prospects are around for female entrepreneurs in the eCommerce world.

E-commerce – A world of opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

From the past decade, in the US, women-owned firms are outpacing the national average in generating revenue as well as creating new jobs. The number of businesses owned by women is more than double. Amazon is also striving to tap into the high-growth segments owned by female entrepreneurs.

Recently, there is a massive surge in the number of self-employed women in the e-commerce industry. And Amazon continues to attract potential and emerging entrepreneurs to its thriving marketplace. Today, companies big and small sell their products on Amazon along with Amazon’s inventory and its own line of private label products.

Amazon is dominating with a fair share in the e-commerce era and is making efforts to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in its marketplace lately. These efforts, such as conducting women entrepreneur conferences, include emphasizing on its global reach and building efficient tools for a proliferating business.

Conquer the world from the comfort of your house

The flexibility of e-commerce businesses allow women to balance their work and lives around. This industry gives more accessibility and opportunities for women running businesses from home or on-the-go.

Ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Etsy provide a bunch of opportunities to make it easier to build a business outside of a regular job. Also, Amazon seller tools and dashboards are of great help for sellers who are just starting.

Social shopping makes it easier

On the other hand, social shopping is rising steeply at present. Brands and sellers that are active on social media are on the rise as they are backed up by a loyal customer base. This is an area where many women excel. The user base who come under social shoppers are women largely. As women understand social shopping patterns significantly, this makes it easy for women to make use of social media marketing strategies and grow their online business.

An estimated 400 direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) brands are operating today. A majority of D-to-C organizations have one thing in common – unique brand identity providing exceptional user experience. Also, most of them rely on third-party marketplaces like Amazon as these platforms are more profitable and extremely beneficial to sellers.

Why is Amazon the right choice?

While starting out a new business, any seller, no matter the gender, has hesitation about taking the business decisions. There are quite a few risks, such as fear of finding reliable data or maintaining good customer relationships are few of them that come up when adopting a new business model or platform. Thankfully, Amazon helps you with most of the issues. Besides, while starting, few of the female entrepreneurs find it hard to manage their time effectively. And lookout for easy ways to manage their business. This is where we need the help of automated tools that makes our lives easy. Amazon seller central is one such platform that is embedded with features that automate your work largely. It has all the essential tools and features for sellers that help to monitor different customer metrics like on-site customer demographics and purchasing behavior. On the other hand, Amazon has already established a strong customer base, which makes it easy for sellers to add credibility and direct consumers to their listings. Also, women sellers can opt for Amazon FBA if they want to sit back and make Amazon take care of the fulfillment.

Popular categories in which women sellers dominate

Men and women start selling on Amazon at different stages of their lives. Often women choose to sell or start their own business as it gives them the flexibility to operate from wherever they want.

Popular categories in which women sellers are actively selling:

  • Arts, crafts, and sewing.
  • Grocery items
  • Gourmet food

Though the categories may vary based on the region, the above segments are primarily covered by women sellers around the world.

What lies ahead?

There’s still a long way to go for women sellers in the e-commerce era. The US, Canada, and Australia are a few of the best places for women entrepreneurs to flourish. Though there are few gender gaps in certain parts of the world, several programs and organizations such as AWE (Academy of Women Entrepreneurship), WBENC of the US, and WES (Women Entrepreneurship strategy) of Canada are boosting the growth of female entrepreneurs. On the whole, the outlook and prospects are quite favorable for women sellers going forward.

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