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Why Does a Follow Focus System Matter in Video Filming?

When talking about the coolest hobby, you may blurt out parkour, as per the amazing video clips you see in Tik Tok. But not every clip is well-made – you still can find some videos showing the parkour by worse video-producing skills.

For example, when someone is doing a difficult jump or in a fast movement, the lens in Auto Focus (AF) mode loses its focus, making it hard for the viewers to feel contagious.

That is where a follow focus system comes into play: it gives proper focus while shooting a film and ensouls the lens language. In the fast-moving videos with multiple objects playing out in a single scene, the follow focus system brings paramount experience to the audiences.

If you have no idea about this useful tool, this article may help you figure out what is follow focus is.

What is a Follow Focus System?

A Follow focus system is an accessory that is attached to the lens with gear occlusion which helps adjust the focus manually and precisely while shooting the video. This allows you to better control what you want to shoot. Thus, you can add your envisioned cinematic effects to the film.

How Does the Follow Focus Help Film Videos?

Follow focus is designed to solve the problems that can be seen in video filming where Auto Focus shows its weakness. It caters to the requirements of film shooting from three aspects:

Correct focus point – When you are using autofocus, you are always threatened to lose focus whenever the lens detects a so-called better focus. However, you can keep focusing on one single subject as long as you want to in the case of a follow focus system.

Also, with follow focus, which object should be concentrated on is of your choice. For instance, if ten people are present in a single frame, you can move the focus from one to another in no time as per your convenience and needs, which helps you recreate exactly the same thing you have in your mind.

Stable recording – Due to limited intelligent recognition, Auto Focus has a high potential to focus on the wrong object mistakenly. When you want to adjust the focus point, the common method is to tap the camera’s screen, causing a shake to the recording video.

This problem can be solved by an outside focus controller, which enables you to move to another focus while maintaining the stable recording without shaking the camera.

Even if you change focus multiple times using follow focus system, the camera will not move so that it can remain steady throughout the video resulting in smooth and sharply recorded film.

Fast and smooth zooming  – Zooming in and out is extremely crucial in shooting a film, as the film becomes monotonous otherwise. When zooming to focus on something far away, you may find out this question: you have to spin the zoom lens several times to magnify the target object due to the gesture limitation.

With a follow focus system increasing the length of focus stoke, you can easily and directly zoom in and out by spinning the button without stopping, maximizing the audience’s viewing experience.

When something unexpected happens, this capability of fast zooming in and out allows you to capture the fleeting moments. For wild animal photographers, fast zooming means more chances to record clear and precious videos about rare animals.

In conclusion, the following focus system helps a lot to ease your video shooting experience by providing the following benefits:

  • Avoid losing focus
  • Precisely control the focus point
  • Maintain stability while adjusting the focus
  • Increase the length of focus stroke

So, Where Can You Find the Best Follow Focus?

SmallRig’s Mini Follow Focus 3010 is the best follow focus which gives you powerful control of the focus during video shooting with the following advantages:

  1. Portable: It weighs only 286 g, so it does not add much weight to the camera, making it easy to carry.
  2. Precise: With its ability to be adjusted on zoom control, you can easily capture memories without losing focus.
  3. Ergonomic design: the anti-slip and anti-sweat focus knob (imitating sports car hub) gives you a more comfortable using experience.
  4. Multiple uses: The installation angle can be adjusted to meet the needs of handheld and tripod shooting scenes.
  5. Easy to use: The adjustable AB marks endow a convenient switch between AB focal length and full focal length.
  6. Compatible: This tool can be used with lenses of varying diameters, allowing you to use the same follow focus system with different lenses.


The follow focus system is a good choice for those who want to shoot a smooth and excellent video to capture the fast movement clearly.

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Whether you are in need of a camera or its related accessories, SmallRig is the right place for not only startups and large business owners but also casual photographers.

If you want to progress with the assistant of a follow focus, please check SmallRig’s website for more information.