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Why does caviar cost so much?

Celebrate the banquets of the rich and the most chic aperitifs. It personifies wealth but also extravagance. It garnishes the most refined haute cuisine dishes in minimal quantities. Not only does caviar perform all these actions, but it does so while still consisting of normal fish eggs. Very expensive fish eggs, since for a teaspoon you get to pay 40 thousand dollars as in the case of albino sturgeon caviar. And if buying a kilo drastically reduces the price ($ 73,000 instead of $ 200,000, practically a discount offer), it is logical to wonder why you get to spend so much for such a fleeting flavor.

The Color Toner Experts

It must be said that the aforementioned white sturgeon is condemned by its albinism, which not only makes the specimens rare but also involves a much lower than average life expectancy. Thus we return to the usual basic principle of the economy according to which a good offered in small quantities is extremely rare and therefore its value skyrockets. After all, the term “caviar” is enormously heterogeneous: it is the eggs of 27 different species of sturgeon, 18 of which are at risk of extinction (who knows why?). The fact that it becomes unobtainable affects the price, as does the fact that the collection of the precious eggs is done strictly by hand as per tradition.

Labor costs and consequently prices swell. But there is more: obviously, the eggs of a sturgeon that produces them in large quantities and with short maturation times will cost less than others. However, there is a curious paradox. It is agreed that the finest caviar comes from sturgeon caught rather than farmed, but the potential for profit saturated the market. In short, almost all of the caviar on the market today comes from farms and aquaculture has made great strides, thanks also to the cannons that shoot salmon.

By the law of retaliation, the black gold rush – as it is nicknamed – has removed the most prized caviar, the natural one, from circulation. That’s why of all the eggs you can buy, it’s always best to steer clear of the higher prices. They will give you the illusion of delighting your taste buds with a product of excellence but, in the end, it will still be a breeding substitute like any other.

Therefore, when you buy caviar, prefer less valuable caviar but in slightly less quantity: at the same price, you will fill the spoon more. To those astronomical figures, it takes very little to raise or lower the price of caviar: nutrition, age, and treatment to extract the eggs (usually the poor fish is knocked out with a blow to the head, but not everyone adopts this system) are very perceptible elements at the time of purchase.

At the same time, tasting caviar – precisely for the amount of the receipt – becomes a sensory experience. Whether paired with vodka or placed gracefully on buttered croutons sprinkled with chives, the advice is to add a few drops of lemon to enhance the acidity. And of course read the story of this Buy Iranian Beluga Caviar, which in Russia was originally the main filling for sandwiches distributed free in aperitifs. This is why the rise – economic and prestigious – of those which, in conclusion, still remain fish eggs is incredible.


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