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Why Every Organization Needs a Podcasting Consultant

Every organization has a marketing strategy, which might be a separate department in the organization. Different marketing channels are employed to virtually market goods in an organization.  However, most firms use various media other than podcasting.

To effectively market a product/service digitally, it is advised you combine different media. Among the various media available for digital marketing, we suggest you use podcasting above the rest. You’ll therefore need a podcasting consultant in actualizing your digital marketing goals.

Regardless of the firm, you can significantly benefit from podcasting in advertising your brand.

Unlike in the past years, podcasts are now one of the most widely patronized media communication forms. Research shows that up to sixty-seven million people listen to podcasts in the US. News media, for instance, use podcasts in reaching a wider audience.

This widespread patronage of podcasts could be a result of people becoming bored at long visuals. It might also be because of popular podcasts such as “This American Life,” “The Daily,” and “Serial.” Many marketers could be further encouraged to use podcasts as they observe their increasing acceptance. Regardless of the reason, podcasts are indeed becoming practiced the world over.

What Makes Podcasts Effective in Digital Marketing?

Doesn’t Get in the Face

As would be observed with radios, audio content does serve as an accompaniment to users’ daily activities. It doesn’t quite “get in your face.” This quiet penetrating power of audio broadcasts becomes handy for users who don’t have much time.

Should your target audience have a busy day, they’d find it difficult to peruse visual content. They’d instead get the same information from a podcast wherever they are, between home and office.

When a listener is commuting or at the gym, they’re more likely to be distraction-free. You have your target audience’s total focus for a substantial amount of time. The above gives podcasts their powerful penetrating prowess in marketing products/services.

Genuine Connection

Podcasts help to build a reliable connection with your target clients. They can help surpass the broken communication that social media gives. Podcasts allow you to reach out to your audience with unique information over the long haul.

Though podcasts are growing in popularity in the US, there’s still much more new territory. There are more than six hundred million bogs and twenty million YouTube channels. But there are only about eight hundred podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

This available gap makes podcasting a fertile place for engaging more potential clients.

Social Proof

When your organization enlists the services of top podcast production companies, you have much social proof. Podcasts are indeed relatively easy to produce. However, getting professional editing services gives well-polished content. A well-produced podcast suggests credibility and authority to your target clients.

Also, there is a myriad of benefits that come through podcasting. Your firm can engage a larger audience when you interview clients using your podcast platform. Such interviews could open the door to a new set of clients and re-unite old customers. All these could be gotten cheaply from a full-service podcast production by a podcasting consultant.


Podcasts also come in very handy in recruiting new staff members. They provide accurate knowledge about your organization in a little time/space. Details of the day-to-day management of your organization could be passed across. The culture and nature of your firm could be communicated in straightforward audio content. Podcasts can be a great tool in hiring new team members.

Producing a Podcast

Unique Content

One thing to get settled before starting at podcasting is your anticipated ending. Outline what you want from podcasts, be it expanded the client base or public knowledge. Do you want more product awareness, industry recognition, or just some form of fun?

Also, see that you determine to offer something unique from your podcasts. Your podcast needs to be impressive enough to engage target clients from what is already familiar.

To produce quality, unique audio content for your target audience, you’d need a podcasting consultant. For instance, a training firm could put out expert advice on getting admitted into similar training services. You could enlist top podcast production companies in creating quality podcasts on the latest industry trends. Top podcast production companies could assist in identifying critical market factors of your target audience.


After you’re sure about what you want from podcasts and their unique content, brainstorming comes next. You’ll need to think out the content of your, say, first five podcasts.

To get inspired for your first podcast series, you could ask yourself some questions. For instance, are there existing textual or visual content you could turn around into podcasts? Or, are there current industry happenings you could provide customers with a unique insight? You could also think out prospective guests that would give exciting conversations. What about doing a vox populi with your partners, combine them, and make commentaries?

After getting content for your first set of podcasts, try to get a relevant topic for your podcasts. In doing so, ensure to use keywords while keeping it simple. Your podcast title would be more excellent if it had only a couple of words, with a short description.

Then, get a podcast format that suits your goals. You can also switch between two or more forms from one podcast to another. Possible podcast formats include scripted fiction contents, interviews, scripted non-fiction content, news brief, and education.

Next is to look at a perfect podcast length that suits your specific podcast content. There’s no general one-size-fits-all length for podcasts. While some successful podcasts last for thirty minutes, others stay for up to two hours. Estimate the podcast length suitable to your organization, and don’t add a minute.

Finally, fix a regular schedule for sending out your podcasts. It could be weekly or monthly. The choice is yours to decide.

These questions could chart the course for your first set of podcasts. With time, necessary adjustments could be made to your podcast features.

You can now reach out for full-service podcast production services from consultants.

Podcasts get market attention, provide some form of authority, and help develop a broad partner base. They also help in building confidence in your brand by showing professionalism and employing new technology. Podcasts can also help a firm make new followership, solidify current ones, and comfortable recruit staff. Simple ideas could be utilized in starting a podcast for your firm. You could employ top podcast production companies for podcast editing services for top-notch podcast delivery.