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Why FIFA Games are so popular

Ever wondered why FIFA games are so popular?

Well, this is not a matter of FIFA 21 alone because its predecessors had also been popular right before it came to be.

In case you are wondering why the FIFA game series is so popular, I have something to tell you.

We all know that real-world soccer is the famous sports game out there and has more fans than any other sporting game. Because of this, you shouldn’t be surprised when FIFA also tapped in from real-world soccer’s fame.

But why?

Good question though, and if you could spare a little moment to read through this article, I’ll be guiding you on why FIFA games are so popular. Just keep a lock of your tabs and take the little stroll with me.


This is a value no gamer would love to trade for any other functionality.

Thankfully, EA has put in a lot of effort to see that the game goes a long way in imitating the real world football sport.

Because of this, we can experience immersive gameplay and try to even be at our very best by having everything under our control.

Unrivaled Authenticity

Nothing can beat realism when it comes to gaming and to spice up the gist, here comes unrivaled authenticity.

Authenticity couldn’t alone stop users from enjoying FIFA, but will indeed improve our gaming experience.

With FIFA21, there are about 30+ leagues, 17k players, 700+ teams, and 90 stadiums to choose from.

Since no other soccer game could go this far, the authenticity FIFA provides is indeed unrivaled.

Immersive user experience

Getting fully immersed in virtual reality isn’t something that comes cheap, and for any game to be able to take you into that different world, it surely has to be awesome.

FIFA offers players that kind of experience, and make them feel very involved.

Superb Gaming Modes

FIFA has done another good job here because no matter what your soccer gaming preferences are, you’re assured to get your personalized pick, through the vast array of available game modes to choose from.

Whether you choose to go for player development on career mode, explore your creative talent by leveraging the customization options on Ultimate Team, play your soccer on the streets with Volta, you surely aren’t going to get bored earlier.

Multifunctional In-game Currency

If you ask me, I’ll say that FIFA coins and FIFA points are unique inventions and their purpose can’t be equated with any other in-game currency like in other games we see in the outside world.

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Final Thoughts

FIFA is more popular than you may imagine and if you’re wondering what the proofs are, the 5 reasons I’ve mentioned are worth keeping in mind.

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