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Why Health Is the Most Important Thing in 2020

Your health is the epicenter of your life. Your body relies on good health for it to function well. Think about this; we all have the same amount of time in a day; the only difference is how each of us makes use of a day and the energy levels we put on the table.

What many fail to discover is that health plays a critical role in various aspects of your life. Without good health, you cannot;

  • Consciously take good care of your family.’
  • Have fun or hang out with friends
  • Express love or intimacy with your spouse
  • Perform well at work
  • Help others through charity works; you will keep looking into your inside instead of the outside

How Health Is Measured

Your health and well-being determine the overall performance in your day to day activities. More energy means a high level of return on your workplace or your day to day activities.

Health is made up of four essential parts; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All four layers of your life are equally important in your life. However, many people put too much energy on other layers and forgetting others.

For instance, you concentrate too much energy on the physical layer when your body requires mental, spiritual or emotional layers. That is why you will find people who eat well, exercise and even meditate but still suffer energy deeps.

Physical Health

With proper physical health, every function of your body will perform at its peak. The absence of disease does not mean your body is good.

Even with good health, your body needs regular exercise, adequate rest and balanced nutrition. Pursuing good physical wealth means healthful lifestyles to decrease the chance of disease.

Some of the benefits of maintaining good health include increased muscular strength, body composition and flexibility. Looking after your physical health involves;

  • Practicing good hygiene
  • Minimizing hazards in your during today activities
  • Avoiding or minimizing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other illegal drugs
  • Use of drugs for the right and specific purpose

Mental Health

Mental health refers to the person’s social, emotional and psychological well-being. Unlike physical health, it is hard to determine the mental health status of a person.

While the absence of depression and anxiety categorizes the more significant part of excellent mental health, it can also be measured by a person’s ability to;

  • Enjoy
  • Feel safe
  • Achieve full potential
  • Adequately balance various elements of life
  • Bounce back and adapt adversity after a problematic experience x

Mental and physical health have a strong relation. For instance, when a person is hit by an illness that has affected their inability to complete their physical activities, they are likely to be stressed, which may later lead to depression.

Mental health could also affect physical health in some way. Mental health, such as anorexia, affects body weight and overall body functioning.

Preserving Good Health

The most effective way of maintaining good health is through a healthy lifestyle and not waiting for sickness to strike for you to start taking action. Maintaining wellness entails;

  • Feeding on a balanced and natural diet from reputable stores like the NineLife
  • Regular exercising; at least 150 minutes every week
  • Early screening for a disease that could pose a risk to your health
  • Learning to manage stress effectively
  • Connecting with helpful people that care about your general health.’
  • Engaging in activities that add value to your life

As a person, you are required to develop resilience and prepare your body and mind to fight every illness that will come your way.


Good health is essential to living a longer and more active life. When looking at health, it is necessary to approach it broadly and not as a separate function. All five phases of life are equally important and are vital to maintaining good health.

The definition of good health varies from one individual to another. Different people have different health goals and have a variety of ways of achieving them. Every person is vulnerable to disease; however, it is possible to avoid illness altogether.

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