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Why Instagram is better than other social media platforms?

Social media has grown beyond imagination over the past decade. Today, nearly 4 billion people actively use social media which makes up more than half of the entire world population. The number only keeps going up day by day. Advantages of disadvantages of that are not up to us to decide but we can never deny its impact on the modern world. It is consumed everywhere around the world, by every gender, race, and age group for one purpose or another. Be it connecting with friends and family or following your favourite celebrity’s daily life. Social media has also been turned into a profession. A part of that is an Influencer.

Internet influencers are public figures that have a considerable fan following online. They can influence this audience into making choices like buying a specific product from a specific brand. Influencers are active across many platforms. Every platform has its ups and downs but Instagram is arguably the best platform for an influencer today. Here is why.

  1. Huge Audience And Better Interactions

The total number of monthly active Instagram users is currently more than 1 billion. This is indeed a huge number. Having the ability to reach a population this large opens many doors of opportunities.

While Facebook has a bigger audience, what’s better with Instagram is the interaction and connection. On Instagram, you can connect to your audience at a more personal level. You can go Live to chat with or have Q n A sessions with your followers and increasing you audience just by attracting Instagram followers is another good option. You can also add any of them to your feed to video chat with them. You can shout them out in your Stories or ask their opinions in Polls. Instagram gives you more options to connect with your audience. It produces a sense of familiarity and trust that builds a big, positive community.

  1. Bigger Number Of Brands

Statistically more brands prefer Instagram over other platforms for the advertisement of their products. One of the reasons for that is Instagram’s visual-exclusive interface. It is easier to influence people through photos and videos rather than through texts.

As more brands are active on Instagram than anywhere, your chances of getting a deal with one increase. On other platforms, the number of influencers is higher in ratio to brands. It makes it possible for only the top tier influencers to score big as the brands only want the best.

  1. Better Earning Scope

It is not Instagram that pays the influencers for just making posts. Instagram is not a monetized platform like YouTube where you get paid for making content by the corporation. Hence, the choice of the platform does not affect the amount of money. However, Instagram has a better and bigger earning scope for all influencers. First of all, there are more brands on Instagram which itself increases your chances. But more importantly, it is not limited to just big international brands. There are countless small businesses, startups, and websites that hire influencers. This is why Instagram is better especially for new or growing influencers with great followers to promote your business, brand or product. The presence of small businesses and startups gives micro-bloggers opportunities to grow and make it big gradually.

  1. Better Engagement

As per surveys, 60% of all influencers state that content posted on Instagram gets better engagement than the other platforms. A survey in 2019 proved that right by showing that Instagram provides 70% better engagement than Facebook. Another survey showed that posts made on Facebook through Instagram get a better reach than regular Facebook posts. One reason for that is how Instagram is solely based on photos and videos, content that is easier to consume regularly. Facebook’s algorithms are the primary reason why people prefer posting on Instagram. Their algorithms have shown to be randomly increasing or reducing the reach of specific pages without any reason. Sometimes, users don’t get updates of the pages they follow and pages even get unpublished for no reason.

  1. Easier To Promote And Sponsor Content

Instagram is entirely based on photos and videos and it has been proven that visual content is more influential on a person. If you manage to seal a deal with a brand, the actual task of promoting is pretty easy. There are many ways of advertising something. You can put it on your story or permanently in your highlights. If there is a longer video, there is IGTV for that. Promoting on Instagram is cheaper as well as you don’t have to invest in any types of equipment that you would for a YouTube video and channel


While many people like to question their credibility, influencers are successful people who know what they are doing. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but their online influence can’t be denied. If you are already or want to be an influencer, sticking with Instagram is recommended for maximum benefits. These benefits were all explained in detail above.

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