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Why is Branded Hand Sanitizer Worth the Expense?

Why is Branded Hand Sanitizer Worth the Expense?

COVID-19 changed how many industries and businesses operate. In the past, you might see hand sanitizer at your doctor’s office with a sign advising its use during cold and flu season. Now you can’t walk into any business without seeing a bottle of sanitizer on desks, counters, and at doorways. So, why not capitalize on that branding?

Promotional Giveaways

The best brand merchandise is something people regularly use, take with them, or wear. For example, hand sanitizer has become the new chapstick — everyone has a small bottle in their handbag, briefcase, and backpack and uses it several times a day. Although it’s more expensive than other promotional items, it’s something people regularly use now. Also, a stock of hand sanitizers with your company logo is ideal for the conferences that will be starting again soon—spread safety, not germs with sanitizing promotional items.

Brand Exposure

You can’t get any better exposure than a product someone uses daily. Add different sizes. For example, mini hand sanitizer bottles on a keychain are ideal promotional giveaways. They’ll also be a hit with employees and customers. You have your keys everywhere, which means the exposure will be more than worth the cost.

Additionally, the other option is larger bottles with your company logo. Put these in open spaces where people can use them and see your brand information. Great rooms for hand sanitizer include entrances and exits, reception counters, checkout lanes, near carriage return areas, and desks.

Promote Health & Wellness

Hand sanitizer encourages health and shows your customers and employees you care about their wellness. You can also package trial-size promotional sanitizer bottles with other health and personal care items, such as stress relievers, water bottles, and pedometers. Give these out to employees returning to work and new customers when you open your doors again. Another suggestion is to create small care packages to get ready for cold and flu season, coming in a few short months. By spreading wellness, you’re sharing your message of caring, a sentiment that goes a long way in customer service.

Build trust with Customers

People are weary still with COVID-19, a concern that goes up and down. Help build trust with your customers and employees by offering promotional products that create a connection. By reaching out to potential buyers and investors and showing them, you’re prepared to help keep them safe through sanitary practices and products. Also, consider adding sample packages of sanitizing wipes for employees and visitors to your business. Place your company logo on the cleaning items so anyone can sanitize a pen, desktop, or carriage handle.

Are you ready to invest in merchandise that offers excellent brand exposure? Add branded hand sanitizer bottles to your marketing campaign today. With restrictions ending but COVID still spreading, people want and will use quality disinfectants. So, why not offer them what they want and put your company’s name and logo on the bottle? For more information, visit the website and review our promotional sales items.