Why Livebeam is a leading social platform in 2022

There are so many factors to consider when looking for a social platform that will introduce you to new people all over the world, and allow you to learn and share your feelings freely. Unfortunately, there are also several platforms that are doing the same things and using the same old features. As a consequence, most people have come to believe that is how social sites should be.

However, that is wrong. Social media platforms such as Livebeam that are created with clear visions and goals are doing things differently. The platform is not just about sending requests and starting to chat. It further matches you with the right people who will cause a positive change in your life.

Below are reasons why the platform is a leading:

Genuine users

Most platforms are ranked based on the number of users they have. This is wrong, given that there are so many online social platforms filled with fake profiles. To make matters worse – some platforms are allowing this with intention of becoming popular. A site with thousands of genuine users is way better than one with millions of unverified profiles.

Livebeam scans every user on the platform. This is done to weed out time-wasters and scammers who will not add value to you. You can rest assured that on Livebeam, you will only be engaging with real humans with true profiles. There is comfort and confidence that are associated with knowing you making friends with real people. All users are verified and marked as verified on their profiles.

Bio on the profile

Personal details are not enough to learn about a person, and you can’t go asking everyone about themselves – This happens a lot on other platforms and it can be tiring. On Livebeam, users write a brief bio about themselves.

This helps to give other users a starting point in the conversation. You can start speaking to them about their hobby which you are also interested in or their area o study which you are also an expert in.

Customer service

It is not every time you hear of customer service that is available day and night and provides solutions promptly – especially on a social platform. On some platforms, you will be made to wait for days before any issues are solved. Complex issues may even take weeks to resolve.

Some people are forced to abandon accounts with issues and start new ones. As a result, they lose contacts or relationships they already created online. This never happens on Livebeam, the customer service is friendly and hardworking. Your issues, if you have any, will be resolved immediately and there are no downtimes that could cause poor communications or streaming problems.

Interact Freely

You can find and hold a conversation with almost anyone you like on Livebeam. People are so chatty and cordial. Even if you are a good communicator, you can find friends who will make you feel comfortable enough to start working on your communication skills.