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Why look when you can sew a wedding dress of your dreams

Finding the perfect wedding dress for the future bride is a real adventure. Where does this search usually begin? Apparently, first of all, it is a girl’s childhood dream that begins to come to mind and viewing wedding magazines and the range of the store.

Considering beautiful models of brides is often frustrating, because the dress you like may not fit because of the peculiarities of your figure. This is a completely wrong approach to choosing a dress. Every bride is a beautiful and happy woman, and the dress should only emphasize this feature. Perhaps the ideal solution would be to sew a dress, rather than trying to get into a model from the mass market, poisoning your life.

To sew a wedding dress of your dreams

The only right solution for the bride may be individual tailoring. This is an answer not only to the question of the peculiarities of the figure, height, or preferences. The individual work of a master who is able to subtly feel the desire of the bride and skillfully implement it – is a win-win choice.

With the help of an expert, you can choose a style that hides unwanted features, emphasizing all the benefits of the bride’s appearance. At the same time, you will stay within the planned budget, which is very important for such an event. Having a good understanding of the issue of price formation of such tailoring, the designer will help to find the best model solution. The cost of fabric, accessories or decorative elements is not a complete list of what to consider. It all depends on the most important accents that the bride chooses. If it is handmade lace, like Cathytelle always sews it, and the master has the opportunity to create an individual pattern for you, it can be not just a wedding dress, but a real work of art.

By varying the cost of materials while maintaining the main accents, you can sew a dress to order at the best price, which you will not find in any market. The author’s work of the designers of the Cathy Telle workshop will perfectly suit you, there can be no doubt. Viewing our collections and completed projects will be a real aesthetic pleasure for connoisseurs.

Only high-quality fabrics of the latest collections of the world’s leading brands are used in sewing. Particular attention is paid when choosing thread and accessories. The bride’s wedding dress should not only create an incredible aesthetic effect on the groom and guests but also be reliable and functional.

The comfort of the bride on this important day is one of the most important issues. To create the best wedding dress, we prefer natural fabrics – cotton, linen, and silk. Cotton and linen are of plant origin and are ideal for creating lightweight breathable dresses, with hand embroidery of ethnic patterns, for example.

The most important advantage of natural fabrics is their breathability. The skin breathes freely through the fibers of the fabric, so the feeling of comfort in this outfit is guaranteed. Antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties of natural fabrics will not only please the skin but will create additional care. Another important quality is hypoallergenic, which eliminates the irritation of the bride’s skin due to allergic reactions to the components. In the embrace of natural silk or linen, the body will relax and get comfort and freedom even in such a demanding outfit.

Unusual and delicate, stylish and intriguing – wedding dresses accurately reflect the essence of the mysterious female soul. Our brides look luxurious, attract admiring glances, delight the groom and guests.

Only individual tailoring of a wedding dress will help the girl to express herself and reveal character.

The exclusivity of a wedding dress

An experienced tailor draws any design of your dress. In order to get a unique model and develop all the little things and accessories, you should talk to our master over a cup of coffee. And you will immediately see how the old fantasies of a little girl turn into reality.

Individual approach

Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, our master will help to style the dress so that it perfectly matches the mood and the main accents. The Middle Ages in castle walls with flowers and candles? Maybe modern Hollywood? Or retro with a special taste of women’s thin cigarettes and pearl necklaces? What about beach sand, fresh sea air and an incredible sunset? Is it better to be closer to nature in a country house with your family? Your dress will match the chosen theme, mood and preferences of the event.

Favorable silhouette

A professional approach is to understand the secrets of ideal styles for any type of figure. Given the characteristics of the chosen fabric and the model silhouette, the tailor can advantageously emphasize all the charms of your figure and leave hidden what should remain private. He knows well how to make the image perfect – how to harmoniously combine the temptation and elegance of the female figure and what accessories to complete the outfit.

Expensive fabrics and accessories

As already mentioned, we sew outfits from the best raw materials. In addition to natural fabrics, we use expensive velvet, satin, silk, organza, and chiffon. Quality tailoring can be guaranteed only with the best materials.

If you still haven’t decided which approach is best, we still invite you to check out our wedding dresses on This may help you in your search. In any case, remember that your comfort and your desires are paramount. This is your day!