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Why mother feeding is the best choice for your new born

If you are recently blessed with a baby or are going to be a mommy soon, you must be concerned about the nutrition of your newborn. Well, a good news is, nature has already taken care of this. Mammary glands in humans like other mammals, produce milk to feed the young ones.

Breast milk production

During pregnancy, the hormonal action on breast tissues increases the size of mammary ducts. After delivery, prolactin hormone, produced from human pituitary gland, governs milk production. Milk production is controlled by suckling reflex and is produced according to baby’s demand.

Nutrients in breast milk

  1. Proteins
  2. Water
  3. Cholesterol
  4. Fats
  5. Carbohydrates
  6. Vitamins A, C , D, B-6
  7. Calcium
  8. Magnesium
  9. Antibodies


Breast milk produced immediately after the delivery of baby is called colostrums. It is a thick and yellowish fluid. It is protein enriched and good for your new born’s immunity. To be more precise, it is a wholesome diet for the little tummy.

Benefits of breast milk

  • Benefits to baby


Breast milk is a perfect blend of all the nutrients that a growing body needs. It is rich in proteins that are the basic building blocks of the muscles and are of great caloric value.

Immunity booster

It naturally contains antibodies as well as vitamin C and saves the baby from various diseases.

Bonding to the mother

By close and frequent physical contact, it affiliates the baby with mother.

Strengthening the bones

Breast milk is rich in calcium which is important for mineralization of bones. It increases bone density and makes them strong.

Easy availability

One of the major benefits of mother feed is, it is readily available. No need to wash a bottle and boil water to prepare milk. Moreover, it is secreted according to baby’s body requirements.

An effective barrier against gastrointestinal diseases

It is proven that the infants that are fed on breast milk are less likely to suffer from gut diseases. They have less chances of developing lactose intolerance.

Better long-term health

The children fed on breast milk rather than that on formula feed tend to stay healthy later in their lives.

  • Benefits to maternal health

Feeding the baby is in favor of mother as well. Hey mommy! We feel happy for you to choose, as long as it is a natural fit. It makes both the mommy and her ward happy.

Emotional satisfaction

The hormones released during lactation i.e. Prolactin and Oxytocin are a source of mental satisfaction for the mother. They give a soothing sensation.

An aid in losing weight

Breast feeding makes the women to shed extra weight and, hence, they can acquire a slim figure.

Protection against breast cancer

One of the biggest advantages of this practice is that the ladies who breast feed suffer less likely from breast cancer.

Natural source of contraception

Lactation suppresses ovulation and, hence, acts as a contraceptive.

Low postpartum bleeding

Lactation stimulates Oxytocin secretion which in turn results in uterine contraction and minimizes blood loss in perpural period.


The above is enough to prove that the best choice for the nutrition of your new born is his/her mother feed.


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