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Why Online Bingo Is So Popular in the UK

Bingo is one of the most popular activities in the UK and, according to renown experts, its popularity is only expected to grow in the future. Bingo is so popular in the UK, in fact, that back in 2016 there were more Brits playing bingo than tennis – one of UK’s most popular sports. The enterprise has a huge history in the country, too.

Like most gambling activities in the UK, bingo, too, used to thrive on land. At present, however, hundreds of thousands of UK bingo enthusiasts prefer playing their favourite game on the web (79% of British players say they prefer online bingo, like And not without a reason.

According to figures, online bingo is played by about 3 million players. In comparison, back in 2008 when online bingo was taking its first baby steps, the game was played by no more than 50,000 people.

So, what makes online bingo so attractive and will the game retain its popularity in the years to come? Keep reading below to find out.

A way to win money

Believe it or not, playing bingo can make you rich – and that is the first reason why it is enjoyed by such a big number of British citizens. To begin with, online bingo enthusiasts are often presented with the chance to win amazing bingo jackpot, which is substantially bigger than the jackpots offered in land-based bingo halls.

As you probably know, progressive jackpots are generated by players themselves, and when a jackpot remains unclaimed for a prolonged period, it can reach a mind-blowing sum. Apparently, the fact that players fund online bingo games with their bank accounts has caught the attention of legislators, though. Due to this fact, most bingo sites of today come with maximum deposit and withdrawal limits to promote responsible gambling.

Still, the cap on deposits and withdrawals introduced in most online bingo sites has neither helped deteriorate the popularity of the game, nor decreased the amount of the progressive jackpots.

It is quick

Secondly, playing bingo on the web is way quicker than playing in a bingo hall. Unlike bingo in bingo halls, online bingo is 100 percent automatic. That way, each time you have a winning combination your device will automatically register it for you. And you do not have to listen carefully for the numbers, which are being called out, too.

Essentially, playing bingo on the web allows you to enjoy your favourite game without any effort.

You can enjoy other games

True, some bingo halls still feature a number of arcade games and slot machines, but their number has decreased dramatically over the past decade. To many, arcade games and slots were forced out of bingo halls with the introduction of the smoking ban back in July 2007. Before the smoking ban was enacted, players would smoke a cigarette and enjoy an arcade game while waiting for the next bingo game to begin.

Online bingo sites are created in a similar fashion to land-based bingo halls, and that is why you can find a wide variety of casino games in most bingo sites on the web. So, if your numbers are registered automatically, you can indulge in a number of casino games while playing bingo and thus increase your potential profit.

Most bingo sites offer some of the most popular slot games for players to keep themselves entertained throughout the day.

Bigger and better bonuses

A great advantage of online bingo sites are the appealing cash prizes and bonus offers. Nowadays, you will hardly find an online bingo site with no welcome bonus. Further, most bingo sites boast amazing no deposit bonuses, which can really arouse players’ interest.

But the bonus offers are not all – players will be pleased to learn that most sites give away numerous promo prizes, which range from cutting-edge devices to vacations in another country.

As you can see, there is a reason why online bingo is so much popular in the UK over land-based bingo. But who plays online bingo? Well, according to this bingo blog, four out of every five bingo players is a woman. Further, online bingo players are generally younger than enthusiasts in bingo halls. Apparently about 29% of all online bingo players are aged between 18 and 34 – way younger than you might think.

In the UK, bingo not only travels through generations, but it is also influenced by time, too. As we have witnessed, the game has went out of the halls and entered the online realm. Now, with the evolution of mobile technologies, bingo is likely to move from PCs and tablets to mobiles. That way, the game will certainly live on in the British society for many years.

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