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Why Plant-Based Protein Meal Delivery Services Are So Popular

With trends towards veganism on the rise AND the increasing popularity of meal subscriptions, it’s hardly surprising that plant-based protein meal deliveries are starting to take centre stage as popular solutions to food fatigue, sustainability and healthy eating.

But what exactly is a plant-based protein, and why should you consider getting a plant-based protein meal delivery?

What Is Plant-Based Protein?

Plant-based protein is a protein made from plants, of course!

It’s not all just chickpeas and beans (although these are wonderful sources of plant-based protein.)  There are lots of plant-based foods FULL of protein (including lean sources of protein, such as tofu), but there are lots of fully vegan athletes that can maintain exceptional physiques on a plant-based diet, including bodybuilder Barny Du Plessis!

There are SO many different plant-based protein examples, including tofu, Seitan, tempeh, nuts, quinoa, and even protein supplements!

What Are The Benefits Of A Plant-Based Protein Meal Delivery?

It’s More Convenient

Deciding what to eat can be super stressful. Half the time, we end up opting for unhealthy convenience foods because we’re too tired to cook. However, with a plant-based protein meal delivery service, you can enjoy food that is convenient AND healthy, not to mention delicious.

Since most plant-based meal delivery services deliver weekly, you can sit back and forget about your food worries for a week at a time!

It’s Better For The Environment

Going totally plant-based or simply eating less meat is the single biggest thing ANYONE can do to reduce their carbon footprint, so why not opt for a plant-based protein meal delivery service?

It’s all the benefits of protein, without as much environmental damage!

It’s Healthier

We all need protein to repair muscles, produce enzymes and hormones – but where we get our protein from can impact how healthy it is.

Most plant-based proteins are higher in fibre and lower in saturated fats than animal proteins. This is better for your digestion and your cholesterol levels. In fact, eating more plant-based foods can even LOWER your “bad’ cholesterol levels.

Whole food sources of plant-based protein like chickpeas also tend to be more nutritionally diverse than animal proteins and contain lots of vitamins and minerals essential to physical well-being.

For example, per 100g, chickpeas have 5% more calcium than 100g of beef!

You’ll Stay Fuller For Longer

The fibre found in plant-based protein sources can help you feel fuller for longer, compared with animal sources of protein such as chicken or lamb.

Feeling fuller for longer can help you lose weight because it can reduce snacking or total calories consumed.

The Bottom Line

Plant-based protein meal delivery services are the answer to many modern food problems like food stress, unhealthy foods and unsustainable foods. They provide convenient solutions to living more sustainable and healthy lives.

Author Bio:

Amy Swain is a content writer for Send Koala, foodie and ex-chef. If she’s not baking then she’s got a paintbrush in hand, working on her next masterpiece. 


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