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Why should we use welding helmets? Some essential things you need to know

We all had to weld our products when it got wrecked. For that purpose sometimes we visit welder shops to welder it, and sometimes we try to do it at home. No matter which is your choice but wearing a helmet is mandatory. There are hundreds of reasons that medically prove that we must use a welding helmet before welding any product.

Some people think that they would use a standard mirror or bike helmet for protection. But they are their wrong assumption as it is the need of the hour. So let’s explore some reasons why we must wear a helmet;

  • Protection from workshop injuries

Most of us have experienced that whenever we visit a weldor’s shop, there are many aluminium substances fallen on the ground—also some fresh cut rods and bars. Now if you mistakenly fell for these things it can injure you seriously. Also, the burns in the welding process can damage your body cells, hair, and foot skin. So we must be careful while visiting a weldor shop. And if you have to discuss something with a welder or you want to welder by yourself, you must use a helmet. It would protect your face from burning and your neck also.

  • Protection from blindness

Welding machine works on high voltages and leaves ultraviolet and infrared rays. These rays are harmful to our eyes. Therefore doctors say to protect your eyes from direct contact with the sun. And the rays which the welding machine omits are more substantial than the sun. So it can badly damage your retina and cornea which results in blindness. Therefore if you continuously see the welding process with naked eyes, you may get blind in a few days.

  • Protection from inhaling welding fume

Welding machines also leakes specific type of fume, which is more toxic than poison. Those who do welding are well familiar with the smell which comes at the welding time. If you do not use a helmet, this fume can enter your body and damage your kidneys and also cause cancer. So if you do not want to compromise over health, wear a helmet. It will filter the air to avoid inhaling toxic air.

  • Protection from damaging air drums

Welding machines produce certain types of cheering sounds. These sounds could not be audible continuously. Those who ignore it can cause damage to their eardrums. And consequently, they can lose hearing ability. Therefore, use those helmets which can cover ears to protect them from welding sound. You can easily find such type of helmets online and offline. To protect yourself while working.

  • Protection from the burning of the face

Mostly in workshops, we have seen that many tiny and large sparks sprung up while welding. These sparks are made of highly flammable gasses. If your face is not adequately covered, it can burn your face skin and leave incurable marks. Therefore, a helmet would protect your whole face and avoid any serious injury to you. The helmet could be made of rigid metal so that it won’t burn also.

Final words

These are some fundamental and fatal reasons which demand to wear a welding helmet. The damages would not see that if you are doing a small welding or large aluminium bar. Also, try to buy those helmets which have air filtration options and foamy comfort inside so that your skin remains normal and healthy. Also, try wearing other protective equipment like gloves and joggers. It is advised to avoid rubbing your eyes while welding. It can lead you toward blindness.