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Why should you choose the Ukrainian Developers for your next budget project?

If getting quality work within a stipulated budget is your goal for the next project, then you must look into outsourcing work to Brights team – a group of Ukrainian developers. A startup with a budget of 10,000 USD usually chooses Ukraine for their project and IAOP (international association of offshore professionals) have rated it as the top software nearshore destination. We will get to know why as you read on.

  • High standards and low costs – The average Ukrainian rate for hiring a software developer is between 22 to 40 USD per hour. It is 3 to 4 times less than the rates of a developer in any of the western countries like the US, UK, etc. Being cheap does not mean compromising on quality since clients and industry experts have found the work of these developers to be top quality.
  • More working days – Most of the Asian countries have a lot of ethnic and religious holidays while Ukrainians only have 11 celebrations with paid time off. Even in European countries, the developers enjoy 13 to 19 public holidays which is more than what Ukrainian developers get. So, you get work done in a timely and faster manner.
  • Diverse skill with knowledge on all modern technologies – IT Ukrainian association has reported that its developed IT market has contributed to the 3rd biggest GDP share in the year 2018. This goes to show that a major population here is well versed in software development technologies. Due to this, companies in Ukraine offer a wide range of specialized services like IT consulting, support and maintenance, Unity 3D games,, C++, Scala, React, Magento, etc. The app developers in this country have worked for prestigious companies like Intel, Philips, IBP, Siemens, HP, Google, etc. Their competencies encompass almost all programming languages like Java, C#, Python, PHP,, GraphQL, and many other widespread technologies.
  • English speaking programmers – Language barriers make it difficult to deal with employees. English being the international communication language, it becomes easier if your offshore employees speak this language. Ukrainians learn English in school and even IT companies in this country have English speaking courses to make their employees fluent in this language. Almost half of the Ukrainian developers are well-versed in the English language, making them a perfect choice for many IT companies.
  • Not much difference in time zones – Ukraine is in a time zone which makes it convenient for many countries and continents to have a meeting arranged at a comfortable time for all the parties. Ukraine is just one hour ahead of most of the European countries and 7 hours ahead of North America. This is a big plus point as it is especially important in software development to have a timely discussion between employees.
  • Co-operation and comfortable environment – You get visa-free access to travel to the EU if you choose to outsource software development in this country. Ukrainian legislation provides full intellectual property protection to countries they do business with. The developers and management of Ukraine have proved to be reliable partners as compared to other specialists from other countries.
  • European mindset – The cultural background and mentality of the Ukrainian population are remarkably similar to those in European countries. It is great if project partners are at the same wavelength which is what you get if you outsource development to Ukraine. Ukraine’s tradition and values are very similar to Europe and the US. They are workaholics by nature and possess an incredible team spirit. They take great interest in their work, take up challenges, and facilitate the work process.


There are other tones of benefits associated with outsourcing your project to Ukrainian developers. The top ones being cost-efficient and high-quality work. You can effectively optimize your work when you let Ukrainians handle them. Ukraine is especially a boon for startups and companies with a small budget of 10,000 USD.

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