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Why So Many People trust CBD Oil for Anxiety and Reasonable Dosage

CBD, a non-psychoactive chemical compound, is having a spotlight moment in the health and wellness industry. And why wouldn’t is, the list of purported benefits of Cannabinoids sound enticing enough to have everyone edge their interest towards CBD.

There is still not enough scientific research to support the effects of CBD. Still, a growing number of anecdotal evidence shows that CBD can help people with different issues like insomnia, generalized pains, and aches, and it could even help cancer patients combat chemo-related nausea. However, CBD has popularly been known to help with anxiety.

A cross-sectional study of CBD users was done in 2018, and anxiety was ranking among the top reasons for using CBD, along with pain and depression. However, before using CBD for anxiety or any other condition, we recommend doing your homework and consulting your doctor beforehand.

How Does CBD Help with Anxiety?

Research on CBD oil and anxiety is still very preliminary. However, CBD is believed to ease anxiety by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), one of the body’s regulatory systems. Endocannabinoid receptors are found on the body and the nervous system. They are also present in the brain, gut, bones, reproductive system, and immune cells.

The ECS is responsible for controlling crucial functions like sleep, mood, stress, memory, pain, appetite, behavior, reproductive health, and immune health. It also keeps the body within a narrow range of operating these functions.

Endocannabinoids, which are naturally produced by the body, bind to endocannabinoid receptors and help regulate these functions. Hence, the ECS holds a vital role in keeping you healthy and happy.

CBD, therefore, works by binding to these receptors and activating the ECS to regulate the same functions. So like social media, CBD acts everywhere and controls everything once it binds with the ECS.

It also works by binding to serotonin (5HT), a receptor in the brain. Depression and other psychiatric disorders are associated with serotonin deficiency. Hence the interaction between CBD and serotonin helps improve mood and anxiety because it helps the body process the hormone.

This process is similar to that of SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitors), a class of depression and anxiety meds. These meds work by targeting a 5-HT1A, a serotonin receptor, increasing the availability of the hormone in the brain to help boost mood.

A Health Canal study showed that people who took CBD before public speaking experience a reduction in the public speaking phobia and anxiety, it really effective. A review analysis of 49 studies also concluded that cannabinoids could help combat panic disorders, anxiety, and perhaps PTSD.

How to Take CBD Plus a Reasonable Dosage

The first thing you need to understand before taking CBD is it’s not ideal for everyone. Consult your doctor because CBD can interact with other medications like anti-seizure drugs and blood thinners.

If your doctor gives you an all-clear, consider starting with a CBD tincture first. CBD tinctures can easily be absorbed in the body because they have high bioavailability. You can place the liquid under your tongue with a dropper and let it sit for a few seconds for it to be absorbed in the bloodstream before swallowing.

When it comes to CBD dosing, we recommend starting low and going slow. Start by establishing a baseline dosage that has a minimum effect on your anxiety. Slowly increase the dosage from a minimal dosage until you find the dose that gives you benefit.

A small baseline dosage ranges between 2-5 mg, twice or thrice daily. This would amount to a total of 6-10 mg. Maintain the baseline dosage for a week, and during those seven days, not how it interacts with your body.

After a week of your baseline CBD dosage, you can increase the dosage by 1-2 my every three days if you’re not receiving the benefit you’re looking for. Do this until you find the dosage that works best for you. When you find a minimum effective dose that works for you, you can try decreasing the dosage by a single dose and see if you can still maintain the benefits even on a slightly lower dosage.

Look at HealthCanal website to know the best CBD oils in the market that can effectively help combat anxiety.