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Why Solar Powered Bollards Are the Way to go

If your local community or organization is looking for lighting solutions, then solar-powered bollards are the best option. If you have not considered this, then there are many great reasons why they work so well.

There are benefits to solar powered bollards that you may not have thought about so we will list them here for you. Solar bollards are a technological advancement that utilizes solar energy and offers an alternative to traditional electrical lighting options.

Here are some of the reasons that solar-powered bollards are the way to go:

Low Impact on Environment

Due to the fact that solar-powered bollards do not use electricity, they have a low carbon footprint.

This lowers their impact on the environment and supports the local economy. The parts that make up a solar bollard can be easily recycled, and the improved lighting is sustainable as well as attractive.

Considerable Cost Savings

When solar bollards are installed, the cost is lower than compared to traditional electrical bollards. There is also the need for an electrical design that lays out the plan for where and how the electrical hook-up is achieved.

There is the option to save over 50% of installation costs because there is no need to run power from the electrical grid over longer distances. There is very minimal maintenance required for these bollards so that also saves a great deal of money.


The materials that are used to construct solar bollards help to make them durable pieces of equipment. Most often bollards are constructed from die-cast aluminum, and this ensures that they can withstand severe environmental conditions, even near the ocean.

These devices are often coated with architectural grade powder coatings which increase their longevity.

Solar bollards are also resistant to vandalism due to them being constructed from stronger and thicker components that can be more readily connected to the ground and withstand more forces.

No Disruption to the Landscape

When it comes to electrical installations, there is the need for trenching which can be expensive. When there is established landscaping and hardscaping, trenching means having to dig into those installations and disrupt them.

The alternative is solar bollards which are self-contained units with a solar power assembly that can operate multiple bollards. These bollards are low voltage and do not require any access to the electrical grid.

Low Risk of Accident

When solar-powered bollards are installed, there is no risk of electrocution with installation because there is no live electrical feed. Solar bollards just need to be placed and secured in their location with a few bolts to ensure they stay put.

Not Subject to Power Outages

Solar bollards will operate even during the occasional power outage.

This means that when power lines are disrupted in any way that solar bollards will continue to be operational. If your community is in an area where power outages are frequent, solar bollards may be the ideal option for you.

No Limitations

When lighting requires lighting, it has limitations.

Solar bollards have advantages in that they can be easily moved and re-installed in any location. If flooding occurs, for example, lighting can be moved temporarily to avoid the corrosion that it would endure from standing water.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The design and layout of solar-powered bollards are modern and look great in any setting from garden to pathway or park. The light from solar-powered bollards is much brighter than that from electrical streetlights and this makes it a better option.

Use of Smart Technology

Solar bollards utilize many different technologies to provide the best efficiency.

Some of these systems can be controlled with devices that allow various adjustments including lighting intensity depending upon the time of night and level of activity in the area. Optimal lighting is different for various environmental conditions.

In areas where there is higher ambient lighting then lighting may need to be brighter while in rural areas lower intensity lighting can achieve similar visibility.

Smart chip sensors can turn lighting on and off to match the current lighting conditions. This ensures that if the weather is gloomy on a certain day that the solar lighting bollards will light up more brightly and provide light to areas near to them.

The Many Advantages

Solar light bollards are resistant to harsh weather conditions while being attractive and versatile. They are often located on gate posts, school yards, on the exterior of buildings, in parks, in private or public gardens, and on paths.

The flexibility of the placement of these bollards ensures that they have a lower chance of being damaged since there is no need to ensure they conform with the electrical grid. Solar bollards are simple to install and simple to move if the need arises.

Solar bollard lighting utilizes LED bulbs which are longer lasting and brighter than regular bulbs.

Solar lighting bollards are a very good option that provides a durable and reliable lighting solution. There is no requirement for wiring, planning of installation, or other complicated procedures that will require extra time, money, and labor.

There is no requirement for a reliable power source of any kind, and this makes it simple to access the source of renewable solar energy which will light up the area you require it to including parking areas, pathways, and gardens.

It is up to you to decide on your budget and style and then match that up with what is available for solar-powered lighting. Whether it is for a community or for personal use, solar-powered bollard lighting is a great option.

This versatile option is great for the city or for the country, for private or public use, and is meant to last for many decades. A

dd to the versatility the fact that you are reducing your carbon footprint by harnessing a naturally available endless and free power source, and you are well on your way to understanding the perfection that is solar power.


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