Why startups in Singapore should hire local app development agency?

Thanh Pham, CEO of Saigon Technology sharing his knowledge about the Singapore app development industry after 10 years working with a Singapore software development company as a software outsourcing partner.

App development for startups is increasingly being embraced in Singapore due to different reasons.
App development and use are not just for big businesses. There is an increase in the usage of mobile apps among SMEs. This has been made possible by the fact that a huge percentage of Singaporeans use smartphones either for information access or day-to-day work.

Moreover, mobile apps are gaining immense popularity because of their various advantages including strong functionality and easy navigation. Therefore, if you are a startup and you have embraced the development and use of an app, then there is a high chance that your business future will be bright. Having seen the benefits of a mobile app for startups, the next step is to hire an app development agency in Singapore.

While you can either choose to use the service of an offshore or onshore app development agency, the latter is often more preferred. An onshore app development agency means that the company is situated in the same country and within the same locality as your startup business. Consequently, here are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a local app development agency.


I. Understanding of user experience patterns and local design Mobile consumer habits and paradigms are often changing and they tend to differ or be dictated culturally or regionally. A mobile device user expectation will be different in the USA, Asia, and South America. Accordingly, a local company for app development for startups is able to better understand local user problems. A local app development agency is able to be familiar with what it is building and for whom by utilizing the use of design and technical perspectives.

II. Timely and clear communication When you hire a local agency, it means that there will be direct and clear communication which will, in return, play a greater role in the design and development of a quality app. Direct and efficient communication is possible since a local company works during familiar business working hours. The advantage of being able to work in the same working time zones far outweigh the advantage of using modern communication and collaboration tools such as Google Hangouts and Skype.

III. In-person meeting Hiring a local mobile app development company is also beneficial if you prefer an in-person meeting. All the modern tools of communication and collaboration may not be able to substitute the in-person meeting efficiency. If the app development company is within a driving distance, this enables you to meet with the app development team for the purpose of discussing different issues such as design reviews and the sharing of ideas.

IV. More vetting opportunities and availability of local references A local company is often chosen for app development for startups since it is possible to vet the company effectively and get local references. During the process of vetting a local company, you have to look at the past and present projects, experience, credibility, etc. However, if a Singapore app development company is located in another region, then because of the distance involved, it may be challenging to effectively vet the company.


Costs Usually, the cost of labor and hourly rates are cheaper in other regions or overseas compared to your local area. You can have an app developed in another country or region for a quarter of the cost or even less than the amount you could have paid locally in Singapore. The cost of using a local company is usually more expensive. The high cost is often attributed to the high cost of hiring local resources.

If you are looking for a cheaper option of app development for startups then using the service of a local app development agency does not represent the best approach. However, even if higher costs are a disadvantage of hiring a local app development agency in Singapore, it is advised that you do not solely rely on considering this factor independently. You should factor in other issues too such as the long-distance and language barrier.

Some Famous App Development Companies in Singapore

• Vinova Pte
• Techtiq Solutions Pte
• SquareFresco Solutions Pte
• Codigo
• Rainmaker Labs
• Oasis Web Asia
• Zoliotech
• Ranosys Technologies
• iMpact
• Singsys

In conclusion, for you to choose the best local app development company, it is important that you get the credentials of a company and also consider the process of app development. Furthermore, once your app has been developed, you have to allocate some marketing budget for promoting the app to your existing or potential customers. It is impossible for your startup app to be downloaded and used to make money if its availability is known by nobody or only a few people.