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You can find this fruit in the Central and South American rainforest very easily. This berry is dark purple and carries, and the big seed inside constitutes about 80% of the whole fruit. Therefore, according to biologists, technically and scientifically Acai does not fall in the class of berries but a drupe just like olives and apricots. In Amazon, acai fruit is very famous and considered the compulsory item of all meals. Acai berries are the fruit that grows in the region of Brazil, also known as “superfruit”. This superfruit is rich in antioxidants and contains unique nutrients that are extremely helpful in maintaining health and curing some of the serious diseases. It is the small fruit, almost 1 inch in length and round in shape, grows on the palm trees.

To consume and make it able to eat, the fruit is soaked in water and then peeled off to get the flesh out to mash them. It is often taken in the form of a paste. However, the taste is not that good and has little flat texture, often described as in between blackberries and dark sugar-free chocolate. But when it comes to health benefits and nutrients, then acai is extremely rich. And regular intake can save from many deadly diseases. Also, it is one of the main ingredients in many jellies, ice creams, body lotions and beans.

There are several benefits one can get by consuming these small acai berries. However, if you are unable to find them fresh in your place, then make sure to ask for powdered form or canned food.


Unlike other fruits, the components of acai berries are a little different. The ratio of fats is high, then the sugar and rich in the number of nutrients like calories, carbs, fiber, vitamin A, calcium and saturated fats. If we have to divide all the nutrients into 100 grams, then we will most likely get 5g of fats, 70g of calories, 1.5g of saturated fats, 4g of carbs, 2g of sugar, 15% of Vitamin A, and 2% of calcium. In addition to this, researchers have also found out the traces of some other minerals including zinc, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, magnesium, potassium and lastly the phosphorous. However, one of the most notable components acai berries carry is the anthocyanins. This component is carrying the antioxidant bodies and also responsible for giving a dark purple color to the fruit.


Antioxidants are very important to take. They are the substance that initiates the oxidation reaction in our body and save it from the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals if not get neutralized, can damage the body organs severely; heart diseases and cancer are one of the major disorders that can happen as a result.

Acai berries are rich in antioxidants. Almost 100 grams of acai berries contain up to 15,405 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). On the other hand, blackberries contain almost 4,000 ORAC. It is very good for the patients who are in immediate need of antioxidants because it raises the level very quickly.


Researchers have tested the acai berries on animals to study the cholesterol levels and its maintenance. Resultantly, it has shown positive effects and lowered cholesterol levels. The same has been noticed in humans. If you start taking acai as a smoothie twice a day, then you will be able to see the difference in just a month.

In this way, it is very beneficial to maintain heart health and improves it. The number of studies has shown that it is beneficial for keeping your heart healthy as it lowers the risk of heart attack by 32% because this superfruit contains the fiber and good fats without sugar to decrease the bad cholesterol also known as LDL and increase the good one (HDL).

How does this happen? It happens because the fruit is rich in fiber and healthy fats that fight with lower cardiovascular disease and lessen the risk. In addition to this, a high intake of fibers and good fats also helps in shedding the excess weight and helps those who want to lose.


If you think that food is not enough to fight against deadly diseases, you are wrong. Because there are no diseases that cannot be cured with diet. But there is one condition that the patient is not at the last stage. Because it takes time for a natural and organic diet to get absorbed and react against viruses, bacteria, and any abnormality. It has helped in curing various types of cancer, including bladder cancer, stomach cancer, and colon cancer.

How it helps in fighting against cancer? It helps because it contains higher levels of antioxidants, it triggers the process of detoxification in our body, prevents cancerous cells from spreading, kills the cancerous cells, protects the body from making tumors, and lastly acts against the invasion of cancerous elements in healthy cells. Researchers are confident about all these benefits and use them as they have been tested on animals before.


Acai fruit is very beneficial for the mind and brain functioning. It helps in boosting memory and brain activity. The damages caused by inflammation in brain cells can be easily counter with the antioxidant bodies of acai fruit. It is very beneficial for improving memory function. In this way, by eating acai berries, one can make his/her brain healthy, happy and active. Also, it helps in keeping the brain active for a long time, improves concentration and helps in building the focus.


We all have heard that there is no cure for aging and also to the diseases that come with it as a by-product. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s that are degenerative disorders grow slowly and start affecting brain functioning; including thinking process, memory, and behavioral patterns. However, acai berries contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components like polyphenolic compounds that can fight against the disease or help in lessening the seriousness.


Acai berries are very useful, and this is the reason they are being called the superfruit. In South America, they have become the staple food, and no meal is complete without having acai paste or powder on the table. It is not easily available in all the regions and areas but can be easily bought from supermarkets and big international marts as they are being exported in Cannes or wondered form. As given the benefits, it is extremely useful if one start taking it daily with any meal, because no extra protocol is required. You just need a spoon full of it, and you are good to go.