Why video in social media is important for your business

Video has been around for a while now but it’s only now that companies are incorporating it into their marketing strategies. While print and digital marketing are still effective on their own but when combined with high-quality videos, they can quickly capture and convert your audience. Although video marketing is relatively new large companies to individual influencers are using video to promote their products, services, personalities, etc.

If you’re a small business you may be skeptical about using video in your marketing strategy. You may be wondering if you have enough resources for this new venture or how profitable it is for your business. However, video marketing is very affordable and the using video content will give you an opportunity to educate your customers about your products and services at the same time entertain them.

Humans are visual beings and we’re more drawn to moving images than written content. Here is how video can help your business.

Boost conversion and sales

The best way to convince your customers that your product can do what you claim it can do it to let them see it in action. Adding a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80% and the majority of the customers use videos to help them make purchasing decisions. Most of the information transmitted to our brains is visual so if pictures can help boost engagement imagine what moving pictures can do for your business.

Increase engagement

Nowadays almost every company has social media accounts, but for you to be able to engage with your customers you have to be unique. Video can help you stand out from the crowd. Most companies have Facebook accounts but very few use video content. Using interactive videos can help build trust with your audience which increases engagement because your customers can relate with your content, get the information they need, and feel valued. You can use videos of people reviewing your product and upload them on your page which will most likely receive likes and comments and you can also buy 50 instagram followers to make your videos more popular.

Build trust

Trust is a very important thing if you want to increase your customer base. Potential customers will be more inclined to buy your product if they’re confident and trust your product. Video has a stronger connection with your customers on a more personal level even more than blog posts or any other messaging format. Videos help people to know you and your product or service better and like what they see. Majority of YouTube content is a video which makes it a powerful social media platform to post promotional videos that will increase your customer’s confidence to purchase online.

Increase brand awareness

To increase your customer base more people need to know who you are and what you’re all about. Your business needs to stand out from your competition and video is the fastest way to convey your core values to your customers. Video increases your brand awareness and exposes your business to a wider audience. The video will capture the attention of the viewers and keeps them engaged which gives them an opportunity to get to know your product. You can also build a community of loyal followers and customers through video content that requires discussion and feedback where the viewers will most likely share your videos with family and friends.

Improve SEO ranking

Google uses the time users spend on your site to determine if you’re providing good content when they search particular phrases. Video helps your visitors stick around much longer which Google interprets as a good thing. This helps to move your search engine rankings higher. Coming up with attractive and interesting titles and descriptions with high ranking keywords is a great way of optimizing your videos. You should also include a backlink to your website to increase the chances of a sales conversion.

Boost social engagement

Thanks to digital technology, almost all social media platforms have a video feature. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can make your video content go viral because of their wide reach. Videos are the most shared content on social media because they help to build trust and engagement. Videos receive more retweets than photos because video gives you the chance to share content that will move and entertain your viewers.

When it comes to digital marketing, engagement is an important aspect and if your content isn’t attracting any engagement, then traffic to your website and conversion rates will decline. Coming up with relevant and educative video content that will draw your viewer’s attention long enough to increase engagement is vital because it’s getting harder and harder to hold the attention of viewers online.

Excellent ROI

Majority of the businesses that use video in their marketing say that it gives you a good return on your investment. Although video production isn’t an easy thing, there are online video tools you can use to improve on the quality of your videos and are very affordable. You can even use your phone to make a great video which doesn’t have to be perfect but it should have the right content. Customers would prefer a simple clip that explains your product or service than a high-quality produced video that doesn’t explain anything. Thanks to technology you don’t require a big budget to produce an effective video.

Connect with the viewer on a personal level

People will spend more money buying your products or service if they can trust you and putting a face to your company affirms that trust. Including your employees in a video is an excellent way of connecting with your potential customers. Using a video to address your customers feels more personal than using a simple text.

Final thoughts

Using video in your marketing strategy requires you to be creative and have an understanding of the human mind. Technology has made it very easy and affordable to use video to spread your content to a wider audience. Creative and emotional videos can go viral in a matter of seconds on various social media platforms which helps you connect with potential customers.