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Why we still need the business cards

You have probably asked yourself, perhaps at the beginning of your professional adventure or during a moment of rebranding, if it is still worth printing business cards, considering the many digital options that technological advances have made available to you.

If you have asked yourself this question, the answer is absolute yes, as we will find out in our article.

When designed correctly, custom business cards are by far some of the most effective promotional tools for your personal or corporate brand. Their traditional side does not diminish their effectiveness at conveying important information about your company, about your product, and also about who you are. They are a powerful reminder to many who receive them. And they are easy to store. You can simply slip a few of them in your wallet and confidently venture out to meet new people.

What to consider before printing business cards

There are many aspects to consider that precede the actual printing of business cards. Although on the surface it is a very simple product to make, as it essentially contains a little more than the business contact information. A business card actually leads to an important exercise of self-analysis and positioning of one’s brand. And, like everything that requires you to look inward, it is not a simple activity or one to be trivialized. Choosing how to communicate to the world is also a crucial activity for positioning your brand and understanding which target customers you intend to work with.

The benefits of business card printing

A professional who does not have a business card is seen as someone who has not invested sufficiently in their business venture. If in doubt, always having a business card with you allows you to give a more professional image. Of course, social networks and personal sites are fundamental and very often replace business cards in interactions with customers, but if an account is no longer available or a site is in the works, it will pay to have paper support always at hand. However, online can be essential for printing business cards quickly and efficiently.

Understanding the importance of the traditional business card is easier if you think that business opportunities do not always come when we are best prepared. In fact, very often, especially for those who work as freelancers, a potential client can be introduced on vacation or in general at times when we are unable to provide advice on the spot. Having a business card means being able to leave a small memory, perhaps on which to pin some personalized notes.

In this sense, the business card is the promise of a business opportunity that could otherwise escape. The elements to be included are few but fundamental: first, it is important to insert a logo, always present for the creative professions, or the one that refers to the company. The name and surname must be included under the logo, with the addition of the professional title, in order to allow the people who receive it to immediately understand what you can do in your field. Finally, it is essential to enter all the data that could be needed, from the landline number to the mobile phone, from the work email to the VAT number and the address of the firm.

In short, business cards are simple, classic marketing tools to help you extend your reach and make a mark anywhere you may be. The more you delay a small investment on a stack of business cards, the more you delay connecting with potential clients.