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Why Winter is a Good Time to Buy a New Mustang

For car fans, winter can often seem like a long dead season. Driving conditions are bad, the upcoming models have not yet been announced, and most sports cars are not designed to handle the icy roads and corrosive salt and sand so regularly spread over them.

If you are the sort of person who usually spends January dreaming of open summer roads, there are a few reasons why you might want to be more proactive about your favourite hobby this winter. The cold season may never be an ideal time for driving, but this is all the more reason to check out the brand new Mustangs that are gathering snow in your local dealership lot.

Pony cars have long been associated with a particular kind of driving: designed to offer maximal speed and thrust, the original Mustangs were drag racers built to accelerate quickly and dominate the straight-away. For this very reason, they tend not to see much action in the winter (though they are perfectly capable of handling winter roads), and can be found at significantly reduced prices.

Automotive marketing follows a complex series of yearly cycles, but the one universal truth is that business is pretty slow come January. Coupled with the fact that most dealerships have an abundance of new stock as well as a range of brand-new vehicles from the previous year that haven’t sold yet, this is a perfect opportunity to get a good deal on a brand-new Mustang GT or EcoBoost from 2018 or 2019.

If you want to get behind the wheel of one of the slick new 2019 models, or even the brand-new special edition Bullitt Mustang, then being strategic about what time of year you buy it will be essential.

Once spring arrives, dealerships will be crowded with shoppers who are itching to pick up something fast and summery, which means that finding a good deal will be nearly impossible. But visiting in January means you will likely be dealing with sales associates who are only too happy to negotiate the price if it means they can hit their monthly sales targets.

Furthermore, if you plan on getting your Mustang customized (as Mustangs lend themselves so well to doing), then purchasing and upgrading simultaneously can be a good way to ensure that by the time the snow melts, you Mustang is ready to hit the highway. Shopping at a dealership that specializes in Mustang sales and modifications, like Colony Ford in Brampton, is a great way to save money and get tailored service all in one convenient package.

If the winter blues have you yearning to be back on the highways of summer, remember that the nice weather will come a lot sooner than you think. Instead of watching endless pony car review videos online, why not start shopping for your very own Mustang today? Between winter clearance sales and the slower business cycle, you might be surprised at the quality of vehicle you can get your hands on.

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