Why You Need a Flail Mower

Intending to promote sustainable agriculture, farmers have changed the way they maintain their farms. PERUZZO Srl. has been on the frontline of helping farmers achieve this goal by manufacturing machinery for green areas and agriculture. They have directed their energy and resources in discovering new technologies that can help people manage their lands by substituting animal and human labor with machinery. With their wide range of products, farm mechanization has taken over, leading to the better use of natural resources, accuracy, speed, and increased productivity to mention a few of the benefits.

The PERUZZO flail mower grasshopper would be valuable a equipment on your farm for the following reasons.

  1. Flexibility

Flail mowers are the kind of mowers that will get any type of work done. They are perfect for landscapes that have all kinds of vegetation. That is scrubs, grass, trees, vines, and brush, to mention a few. The design of flail mowers is that they can be angled to trim shrubs, bushes, and cut banks. If you have a landscape maintenance company, this mower would be ideal as you will get different capabilities from a single unit.

  1. Ease of maintenance

Maintenance is one of the things that landscapers and farmers have to deal with when handling farm machinery. Sometimes, the machinery gets damaged, and they are forced to replace the entire unit. This can be a costly affair. If a flail mower gets damaged, you do not need to incur the cost of replacing the mower or the entire. Instead, all you need to do is replace the flail, which is inexpensive.

More so, their design is such that they are hinged, instead of being rigid and fixed. This makes it possible for them to bounce off and deflect objects. This means that the mower will not go through projectiles, or break hence reducing the cost of repairs.

  1. Preserving soil nutrients

A flail mower does a great job of cutting vegetation. It also eliminates the need for tillage, a known cause for erosion and soil fertility loss. A flail mower reduces soil disturbance and provides a linear curt, which includes mulching for the soil beneath.

  1. It is a safe option

More than 75,000 Americans are injured while maintaining their lawns. Projectiles during a mowing job often fly at a speed of 150 miles per hour, which is enough to cause injuries and tear the skin. It would be best if you had a flail mower for comfort, neat job, and safety while working on your lawn or farm. Flail mowers are designed to minimize the throwing of debris, which makes them safe. This makes the machinery ideal if you are working on a landscape characterized by litter, woody material and rocks, and places where there are people nearby.

  1. They can handle wet grass

Your farm or lawn doesn’t have to look neglected just because it is a wet season. The flail mower offers you a benefit that most other mowers won’t: you can use it on damp grass. This can all be attributed to the self-cleaning features that flail mowers have. Pass through features of the mowers coupled with the self-cleaning aspects, allows the mower to cut wet grass, shred it and dispose of it effortlessly. This mower is ideal if you are looking for equipment that will keep your landscape in order throughout the seasons.

As much as the flail mower has minimal accidents compared to other types, they still cause a few accidents. We are talking about dislocated elbows and fractures. Such incidents are preventable if you adhere to the safety measures of using the equipment. Always ensure that the guards and shields are always in place before using it. Also, inspect to ensure that there is no damage or areas that need repair before putting the mower to work. Ensure that the landscape you are working on is free from holes and take note of the uneven surfaces to prevent accidents. Also, never allow anyone else other than the operator to handle the mower.

The technology used in designing lawnmowers has given it superior performance, making it capable of working on landscapes that most other mowers are unable to.