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Why You Need Professional AV Control Solutions

Professional AV control solution refers to a device that connects all the different AV equipment and enables you to control everything in the learning or meeting room from one interface. If you are considering buying one but you are not sure why they are important, this blog is for you.

Here are the three reasons you need state-of-the-art professional AV control solutions:

Simplify Equipment Setup

One of the challenges you are probably experiencing is the burden of setting up AV equipment – especially if you have a large meeting room. Having different equipment to set up and control makes it overwhelming. As a result, many people find it very difficult to have control over various AV equipment during & after setup.

However, with a professional AV control solution, you can simplify equipment setup. Connecting every piece of equipment to a single control device saves you the pain and time of having to connect them independently every time.

Make Presentation Easy & Efficient

Presenters always face the challenge of having to control more than one piece of equipment while presenting. To a reasonable extent, it impacts the efficiency of presentation. And in some cases, the confidence of the presenter may be at stake.

Imagine struggling with more than two remote controls while talking? It can be difficult! Being able to control AV equipment from a single interface helps you to have better control over things and makes presentation easy and efficient.

A seamless experience across devices

The modern workplace – and the modern workforce – have moved into the digital age and AV equipment is, therefore, playing a more important role than ever before.

Workers/employees use a variety of devices (including laptops, tablets, and smartphones) to connect, companies are increasingly international, and remote working is growing in popularity.

The modern workplace takes advantage of video, audio, instant messaging, and other collaborative software to communicate across geographical locations and time zones.

As a result, AV equipment needs to work together seamlessly to enable communication, support users, during their meetings, and provide a positive experience.

AV control systems eliminate users’ frustrations

We have witnessed that there is a lot of anxiety about the AV equipment in meeting rooms. Most people have had negative experiences in meeting rooms; remote controls were missing or didn’t work, too many cables tangled up on the floor and no idea which one to use, bad connections, and poor-quality sound and video in a conference call.

Meeting rooms and AV equipment have gotten a bad reputation; AV equipment, especially pro-level technology, is perceived as being overly complex, and therefore, intimidating. We’ve observed that technology users’ biggest fear is that of not being in control; where one feels that the technology – not the user – is dictating what can or cannot be done.

This is where AV control comes in. An AV control system is a device that can be thought of as the brain behind the scenes; connecting and controlling all the equipment in a meeting room.

An AV control system then provides the user with ONE simplified and streamlined interface that can control the equipment individually or simultaneously.

Minimize IT Support Time

The more difficult it is to control your AV systems, the more technical support you will always need. Anything could go wrong anytime. Think of a remote control developing a fault all of a sudden.

Or a remote control disappearing just when a presenter needs it most. The challenges that come with controlling AV equipment from different interfaces increase IT support time – which raises costs of operation.

If you are interested in learning more about professional AV control solutions, get more information here.