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Why you should NEVER pair red wine with cheese

Tim Hanni, a chef and one of the first American’s to earn the ‘Master of Wine’ qualification, proposes that there are four primary vinotypes – individual wine preference categories. 

The categories are: 

Sweet: People in the sweet category tend to be very picky about their wines and other things – like linens and the texture of clothes fabric. They have a preferences for sweet wines that are light and delicate and very flavorful, and may find that other wines and hard alcohol, or even altoids, taste way too strong or bitter. About 70% of the sweet vinotype category consists of women, and 30% are men. 

Hypersensitive: People in this category tend to be picky like those in the sweet category, however the more adventurous in the group like to explore new wines, but still with very clean preferences. It’s likely that these people think that television is too loud when someone turns it on, or that the thermostat is never at the right temperature. 

Sensitive: People in this category are in the center of the sensory sensitivity spectrum. This is the largest segment and people in this category enjoy a wide range of wine styles. They are flexible, adaptable and adventurous. These people also tend to be more free-spirited and less rigid in life. They tend to be moderators and may struggle with making big decisions.  

Tolerant: People in this category crave intensity and lots of flavor, and can’t understand how others may drink ‘wimpy’ wines. They tend to be decisive and more linear thinkers. Their wine preferences point to rich, very intensely flavored whites and full-bodied reds. 



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