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Why You Should Plan Out Your Aged Care Preparations Early

Entering aged care, like any new venture, should be something that you or your loved one feels prepared and excited about. It’s not every day that you gain a community that nourishes your body, mind and soul. This will be the start of an incredible chapter, so you don’t want to rush any steps that could dampen this significant transition. If you are embarking on this journey in the near future, here is why you should start to plan out your aged care preparations early.

Education and engagement

We have all been in the position where plans are moving too quickly, and so you don’t get the full picture you need to make an informed decision. This might be ok when you are picking a movie to go and see, but this becomes much more complicated when considering your future residence and lifestyle. If you are considering respite care, community care or any residential option, visit these facilities directly so that you can meet the carers, see the rooms and get a sense of what your home could be like. It might also be an idea to bring your friends and family along so that you can all engage with the community and carers, and cover off any questions or concerns that might linger.

Consider the unexpected

How quickly circumstances can change, and something that was planned for the future is brought back to the present with little time to pull anything together. Knowing your options well ahead of time gives you the peace of mind to know what nothing will be sprung upon you, and no stress is headed your way. Your family will also appreciate knowing what your expectations are so that they too can plan their lives to include you and your exciting future. In the same way, a pregnant couple will prepare a bag for the hospital well ahead of the birth, you should be getting your plans in order so that you can make a seamless transition should you need to quickly.

Take care of the administration

This may not be the most fun topic, but taking care of your personal admin is critical. This might be changing or ending your lease, renting your home, and streamlining your financial accounts to be a little more manageable. Ultimately, these sorts of preparations will vary from person to person, so take the time to sit down and see what loose ends you want to get in order before you take this next step. This will also be one of the first items that will be discussed when you sit down with your aged care provider, so know what your plan is and have what they need.

Time for discussion with your GP and specialists

Forward planning will give you ample time to discuss your options with your GP and specialists, and then the follow-up time to discuss their recommendations with those you trust most. It also gives you time to just sit with your thoughts and ponder what questions and steps are next in the pipeline for you. If you find that there is a discrepancy between their opinions, you can leisurely weigh up each option and actually have these specialists consult one another on your behalf.

Hopefully, you now understand why it is so important to plan your aged care preparations, as this might be one of the biggest changes you encounter in your life. You can always engage the aged care providers directly to answer questions specific to the solution you are after, but remember to keep a number of options in the mix so you get an unbiased opinion.