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Window cleaning service

Properly cleaned windows have good benefits to you and your home. The sunshine will shine more through clean window glass, also more solar energy comes to your home. Solar energy is a beneficial and very inexpensive source of energy and eco-friendly. If you don’t want to get dripped on or don’t have time to clean, hire Fensterputzer München to serve you professionally.

A dirty, streaky window might not be a big issue, but it can reduce the overall beauty of the property. The attractive fresh paints and elegant interior designs can be diminished by streaky and unclean windows. so it is important to keep your windows clean all the time. Clean office and building windows are much important as it is the first impression developed by the client of how the building looks from outside.

  • Commercial Window Cleaning

For aesthetic and hygiene problems, proper cleaning of windows will remain the same whether it is a small cafe, offices or large shops. Fensterputzer München service is considered to deliver the best results most efficiently and safely. Through cradles, we can reach up to 65ft above the ground to clean the window more efficiently.

  • Domestic Window Cleaning

Fensterputzer Düsseldorf professional team can come to your home to clean each window to the possible standard, leaving them in spotless condition. Fensterputzer München has the safest ways and equipment to carry out work with precautions, which helps to provide great results. The well-trained window cleaners know all the safety guidelines and can clean windows of any size and quantity and make them super clean like never touched before.

Window Washing Tips

  • Was outside and inside of window panes from left to right and from top to bottom.
  • Spots can be identified by washing windows from top to bottom.
  • Keep a toothbrush to clean the corners of the window.

Cleaning Of Window Screen

  • To vanish dirt from windows and frames, use a hand-held vacuum to clean it.
  • Make a mixture of water and dish soap, scrub it on the screen using a nylon brush. When the process is done make sure to dry it well.
  • If still dirt is not removing, then use a lint brush is used to pick the dust on the screen.

Homemade Solutions for Cleaning

  • For regular use, mix water and ¼ vinegar in a bucket and you are ready to start.
  • For intense cleaning, make a mixture of water with ½ ammonia and alcohol. It will help to get rid of hard dirt.
  • Use liquid dish soap and a soft towel to clean dirt from aluminum frames. After cleaning, put a few drops of oil on the tracks and move it up and down to spread the oil in all directions.
  • Newspaper can also be used to clean table or dressing mirrors. It is the most inexpensive way of cleaning. Coffee filters, cloth diapers, and old shirts can also be used for cleaning purposes.

If you can’t handle the cleaning process yourself or don’t have enough time, so no need to worry. Fensterputzer München team is ready to serve with the best services window cleaning Munich will surely make your windows spotless and make shiny.