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Windows double hung vs single hung

What is better to choose: windows double hung vs single hung? Today, we will try to figure it out.

The decision to install something new is a serious task for any person. There is an impressive number of factors that require to be taken into account. Windows are extremely important because they affect numerous important things, like appearance, airflow, and the amount of natural lighting. Double-hung and single hung vinyl windows are one of the most popular options.

The main differences

Let’s now pay attention to the differences between double hung and single hung windows. In fact, both options are quite popular nowadays, and both have specific pros and cons.

So, they look almost the same if you are remote enough. They are really quite similar. Both consist of two parts, and we open both vertically. The only difference is that having chosen single-hung you will be able to open one part only. The top one is fixed and you will not manage to move it.

All parts of a single hung window are similar to double-hung ones. The thing that makes them different is that in the latter, both sections are moving. But what are the pluses and minuses of both? We’ll figure it out.

Single-hung: advantages and disadvantages

If you want your house to look authentic, a product of this type is an excellent choice. If you are focused on saving money, you will also like it, and units of this type are usually cheaper. Besides, some people are convinced that they are more reliable. Only one sash is moving, another one is fixed, so the possibility of leakage or infiltration is reduced. In fact, there are different points of view. The fact is that both types are produced based on the same technology. Ventilation, energy efficiency – everything else is just fine.

Double-hung: advantages and disadvantages

Products of this type are incredibly popular nowadays. The most common reason is that it is easier to clean them. One can easily make them perfectly clean without going out, while single-hung do not offer such an opportunity. Besides, it is possible to open the upper sash, which is actually much more convenient.

The disadvantages of both types include thermal insulation, which is inferior to standard swing-out structures. In the design of such products, single-chamber double-glazed units with an energy-saving coating are usually used. The use of double-glazed units is not possible due to weight restrictions. It would be very difficult to open heavy windows of this type, especially for the elderly.

Such units require high quality, expensive seals that need to be replaced every year, otherwise, a tight seal is not possible. The disadvantages include the high cost of the design itself and the annual renewal of the seals. Nevertheless, if you choose a really high-quality product at the very beginning, it may be possible to avoid such a problem. Windows double hung vs single hung is not an easy choice, but professionals can help you with it.