Woman confronts man who cat-called her friend 

Powerful moment a young woman confronts man who cat-called her best friend – as he’s forced to hide his face in shame when she pulls out her phone and starts filming

  • A TikTok video shows a woman confronting a man at a Sydney train station 
  • The woman follows him with her camera after he allegedly catcalled her friend
  • The clip has gone viral as many commenters praised her for calling him out  

A young man who allegedly cat-called a woman was forced to hide his face in shame after one of her friends pulled out a phone and started filming him.

The TikToker, fed-up with men making unsolicited sexual advances toward her ‘bestie’, started recording as the pair were walking through a train station in inner Sydney.

Footage shows her following the man around urging him to repeat his alleged comments as he covers his face with his hands and shirt.

‘You want to say it again huh?’ she says, walking behind him.

‘You wanna say it again?’

The man can be seen rushing away as she follows closely behind, trying to film him.

A woman has shared footage  online (pictured) of her confronting a man after he allegedly cat- called her friend

‘Oh look at you. You’re such a man,’ the woman says.

‘You want to hurl s*** at us but you don’t want to say it on camera?

‘Look at you hiding [behind your hands]. You’re such a little baby.’

In another video, the woman claimed the man’s friends were embarrassed and apologised to the women for his actions. 

The clip has gone viral, racking up more than 2.8 million likes and 15,000 comments as people applauded the woman for calling him out. 

‘This was so satisfying to watch,’ one woman wrote.

‘You are a queen,’ another added.

‘He got humbled real quick,’ a third said. 

Cat-calling is a form of harassment, typically sexual in nature, that consists of unwanted comments or gestures. 

The clip has gone viral with many praising the woman for calling out the man's alleged behaviour

The clip has gone viral with many praising the woman for calling out the man’s alleged behaviour

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