Woman desperate to find details of handsome stranger famous firefighter and coverboy Ricky Smith

‘Desperate’ shopper mocked after begging for help finding the ‘handsome’ stranger she spotted on a pillow in an op shop – before his identity is revealed

  • A woman has tried finding a hot stranger using social media 
  • She found his face on a pillow and appeared lovestruck

A young woman has been labelled as ‘desperate and sad’ after trying to track down a handsome stranger using the power of Facebook.

The young woman is the latest lovestruck singleton to post a picture, or description, of an attractive stranger online in the hopes of being brought together by love.

Only this woman has never met her love interest. She found a cushion printed with a half-naked photo of him at her local op-shop.

‘Can someone help us identify this man? Absolute find from Vinnie’s would love to get in contact – any help appreciated,’ she wrote alongside a picture of the pillow.

A woman has taken to Facebook to track down a mystery man after finding this pillowcase at an op shop 

The man is actually Ricky Smith from Queensland – the picture appeared on the cover of the 2022 Firefighter’s calendar.

He told FEMAIL the post made him laugh, before adopting a slightly more serious tone.

‘If she is single, good looking and her dad owns a pub tell her to get in touch,’ he said, winking suggestively.

While Ricky clearly enjoyed the woman’s efforts at connecting others thought the request was odd. 

‘This is a bit creepy. One-off meetings I get – a random man’s face from a pillow, that just feels desperate and sad,’ said one.

Some shared their stalking tips.

‘Try taking a photo and use reverse image search,’ one woman suggested.

the firefighter used to be a life guard - he was described as 'shy' by calendar  organisers

the firefighter used to be a life guard – he was described as ‘shy’ by calendar  organisers 


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Fans of the annual calendar recognised his face immediately.

‘It is Ricky Smith from the Firefighter’s Calendar. Someone has either had it blown up into a cushion for themselves/friend as a joke; or it might be some of the pirated calendar stuff from China,’ one woman said.

Ricky was described as ‘shy’ by the calendar coordinators who chose him as their coverboy for the 2022 calendar.

It was Ricky’s first year posing for the iconic calendar and also the photo which appeared on the cushion. 

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