Woman from Victoria involved in road rage incident inside Westfield shopping centre car park

Do they know it’s Christmas? Woman rams a Nissan Navara with her HATCHBACK before punching at another driver as shocked Westfield shoppers watch on

  • Footage has surfaced of a woman attacking a man over a car parking space
  • The woman kicked his car, spat at him and rammed her car into his during spat
  • She also threw herself onto the road after the incident in front of onlookers

Footage has surfaced of a road rage incident in a busy shopping centre car park just weeks before Christmas.

The vision, recorded by a shocked onlooker at Westfield Plenty Valley in Mill Park, Victoria, showed a woman lashing out at customers because she didn’t like where they’d parked their cars.

She repeatedly screamed at people walking past to move the vehicles, which were parked in front of her in a parking bay adjacent to the street.

The woman walked up and down the footpath shouting ‘move the car’ and swearing at passersby before the owners of the Nissan Navara directly in front of her returned.

The woman kicked the car in front of hers during the outburst (pictured) before ramming her car into his

As the family tried to leave the scene, the woman shouted racial abuse at them, before kicking their car as seen in footage obtained by Herald Sun.

She then got back in her car and deliberately rammed her little green Daewoo Lanos into the back of their ute, sparking a reaction from the male driver.

The pair lunged at one another and within moments the man put the woman on her back on the floor, hovering on top of her as she continued to try to attack him.

He then stood up and returned to his car before quickly driving off. 

Neither checked to see if the car accident caused damage to their cars.

The woman threw herself onto the floor and onlookers watched on in horror. 

She stood up just in time to chase the car away as it left the centre, and was filmed spitting at it.

Westfield Plenty Valley have been contacted for comment. 

The driver of the car in front eventually reacted to her, and the pair were filmed fighting briefly (pictured)

The driver of the car in front eventually reacted to her, and the pair were filmed fighting briefly (pictured)

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