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Woman left in a fury after ‘ridiculous’, ‘hidden’ birthday cake cutting fee at restaurant

Young woman shocked over pricey ‘hidden’ fee at restaurant – but others claim it’s completely fair

  •  A young woman has been left in shock after being charged a cake cutting fee
  • But others explained the practice is ‘very common’

Birthday girl Gigi, pictured, was shocked when she was charged for ‘cakeage’ at a restaurant 

A young woman has revealed her shock at being charged a $25 ‘cake cutting’ fee at a restaurant where she enjoyed her birthday brunch claiming to have ‘never heard of such a thing’.

Gigi took to TikTok to complain about the extra charge at the American restaurant but her fans were divided with hundreds slamming her for being unaware of the ‘very normal’ extra fee.

The young blonde, who is from the US, explained she was having brunch with two friends when a waitress asked if she wanted her cake cut.

She happily agreed and the waitress whisked it off into the kitchen before coming back with it served neatly on four plates.

The party enjoyed the desert – but things took a turn when they received the bill.

‘I thought she was just doing something nice for us,’ she said.

The friends had surprised Gigi with the cake – and had initially thought they would eat it elsewhere.

‘But the servers kept insisting to bring the cake to the kitchen and cutting it, which was not our plan,’ she said.


Do you think a cake cutting fee is fair?

She shared a picture of her receipt and defended her naivety by adding she works in the industry.

‘I’ve been a server and we never charged customers or we didn’t have a charge. I get the charge but it was surprising.’

She also said she would have been happy to pay the fee if she had known about it before the bill arrived.

‘I don’t mind I got charged, I was just shocked because it was a surprise,’ she said.

‘We never asked them to serve me the cake I brought. Just like they never told me it was a charge.’

People were divided in the comments, with many claiming they would have refused to pay.

The young woman was furious after finding out about the charge when the bill came

The young woman was furious after finding out about the charge when the bill came

‘I would have asked for a manager – they can’t charge extra fees without letting you know,’ one woman said.

While another insisted they ‘can’t charge for a cake they didn’t sell’.

But others said it is common practice – because the restaurant has to wash the plates and cutlery – and also budget for guests staying longer at their table.

In fact the surcharge is common globally, including in Australia, the UK and Canada, according to some people’s comments. 

‘If you’re there an extra 45 minutes for the cake you are occupying a table and not racking up any more money on your bill.

‘The server then gets tipped less than they normally would for a table staying that long.’

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