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Woman slammed by family for refusing to lend her sister in law her wedding dress

A young woman has caused a huge family rift after refusing to lend her expensive wedding gown to her brother’s ‘free-loading’ fiancée. 

The 28-year-old woman said her future sister-in-law, 23, called her and requested to wear the dress as her ‘something borrowed’.

‘She explained that she can’t afford one herself, that she absolutely LOVES mine,’ the woman said.

But the request didn’t sit well with her and she ‘shut it down immediately’ before explaining she ‘isn’t even close’ with the bride-to-be.

‘She starts begging and even starts crying and going on about how she can’t afford one,’ she said.

The woman explained her brother and his fiancée ‘live with her mum and don’t pay rent, and have been gifted thousands from each of their parents to help with the wedding costs’.

A 28-year-old woman has been slammed by her family for refusing to lend her expensive bridal gown to her brother’s fiancée for their budget wedding (stock image) 

She knows they are strapped for cash, as her brother, 24, has only recently started working after graduating from an bachelor program.

But says the couple are ‘financially irresponsible’ and won’t listen to her advice which includes pushing back the wedding to afford to ‘do it properly’. 

‘He explained to us that his fiancée wants the wedding as soon as possible and doesn’t want to wait.. She has a timeline and wants to be married by 25,’ she said.

The woman’s flat-out refusal to lend her bridal gown to the couple has caused a huge divide within the family.


Who is in the wrong?

  • The bride-to-be! Ask, but don’t cry when the answer is no! 0 votes
  • The bride-to-be, don’t even ask! 0 votes
  • The OP, just give her the dress. 0 votes

Her mother and brother have sided with the bride-to-be and say lending her dress ‘isn’t a big deal’.

‘They think I’m an AH because I have the money to financially help my brother and his fiancée, but I’m being “selfish” and “unsupportive”.’

But her father is furious that the young couple would even ask for the dress and has considered withdrawing his own financial support for the big day.

The older woman, who waited until she was 27 to get married, so she could do it without hand-outs, took to Reddit to gauge who is in the wrong.

She asked if she was really the ‘bad guy’ for refusing to lend the dress, knowing her future sister-in-law can’t afford one.

But people were quick to back her up – and slam her mother, brother and the bride-to-be.

‘Tell her to use a sack of flour as a dress if she wants to get married so badly. The entitlement Jesus f**king Christ,’ one person chimed in.

‘I only paid $15 for my wedding dress at a Goodwill. Even then, I wouldn’t let someone else borrow and alter my dress,’ said another. 

‘For every single reason you just stated. I would NOT let her borrow that dress. How f*cking rude,’ added a third.  

Others revealed they walked down the aisle in $50 dressed and the younger woman needs to adjust her expectations to her budget.

The bride-to-be was less than impressed when her request for 'something borrowed' was denied and took it up with the rest of the family (stock image)

The bride-to-be was less than impressed when her request for ‘something borrowed’ was denied and took it up with the rest of the family (stock image) 

‘Or just…buy a cheap dress. I don’t know why so many people get engaged and then immediately jump to “the only worthwhile wedding dress for me MUST cost thousands of dollars!”,’ one woman said – adding hers cost her $180 from the site. 

‘I don’t judge anyone for having an expensive wedding dress, more power to you, but…if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it, and in that case there are that will still look stunning,’ she said.

Some people revealed cheaper ways to get ‘the dress’.

‘My sister got an absolutely stunning wedding dress at a wedding consignment shop, she paid maybe $200 for a dress that probably cost several thousand when it was new, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. She looked like a princess.’ 

One man said the ‘married by 25 thing’ was a huge red flag for him. 

‘I grew up in a religion that encourages people to marry young, and a LOT of my friends have experienced spectacular and dramatic divorces, because if your only goal is to get married as soon as possible, you’re not focusing on making sure the person you’re marrying is a good match for you long term,’ agreed another.

A small minority thought the woman was being ‘too hard on her family’.

‘You are never going to wear the dress again, and it’s your family,’ one woman said.

‘I gave my dress to my sister, but some people have more good in them, slammed another.