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Women confess what makes ‘a great lover’

A group of women has candidly revealed what they believe is required in order to make a man ‘a great lover’ – detailing everything from personality traits to physical attributes in a confessional video. 

Answering the question, ‘what did your favorite sexual partners have in common?’ each of the women came up with several different requirements that they feel a man needs to meet in order to achieve, or even be worthy, of a ‘great lover’ title.  

Far from simply stating the obvious, such as a man’s attractiveness and skills in the bedroom, the women gave a wide range of answers, covering all manner of topics, including the appearance and strength of a man’s thighs, and even his cultural background.   


Confession session! This blonde woman admitted her greatest lovers were all British in a candid video for Glamour Magazine on the aspects of women’s favorite sexual partners

Talk it out! For this brunette, her lovers that were transparent about their likes and dislikes led to an overall better experience

All about me! Despite being camera shy, this woman confessed 'putting me first' was the key to a great sexual encounter

Communication is key! These woman stressed the important of listening to each other in sex

A blonde started the confession session saying, ‘a lot of them were British.’ 

She explained that English blokes may not have the best reputation in bed, but they’ve proven her wrong and take the cake for greatest lovers.

‘I feel like they’re not known for being great in bed, but I love the British men.’

A following brunette said for her, communication is key.

‘They’re all really good communicators. They’re honest about what they like and what they didn’t like and they listen to me when I tell them what I like and don’t like.’

The next girl in the spotlight was a bit shy and kept her secret to sex short and sweet with the evergreen mantra, ‘putting me first.’

A woman donning hoop earrings and a red top, was in stitches when asked the perplexing question of favorite lovers.

‘Is it bad that I’m drawing a blank with this question?’ she confessed.

But she wasn’t the only one who struggled to recall a five-star case. Several women gave stumped faces before they could answer.

Laugh the pain away: She gave the question a good thought before asking the camera, 'Is it bad that I'm drawing a blank with this question?'

To Be Determined: This young woman asked the camera 'what great lover?' and said she'd return later on to answer that question when the right suitor came along

Totally stumped! These woman laughed when they couldn’t recount a ‘great lover’ experience 

All thigh-ed up! This denim-clad woman admitted nice thighs were a commonality with her favorite sexual partners

Eeep! This woman was totally stumped with the question and answered tentatively that 'a penis' was the common factor in her best sex experiences

Thighs and Guys! These ladies mentioned that specific body parts were important for them

Supersize Me! An outspoken woman had no shame in detailing the commonality in her favorite partners as 'a large endowment'

A sly smile: This blonde gave a side smirk after saying 'they're good with their mouths' as the key to great sex

What a girl wants! These women knew exactly what they liked in ideal sex partners 

One woman responded with a blunt, ‘Nothing. And what great lovers?’

‘I haven’t found a great one yet so I’ll let you know what I find one,’ she added with a laugh and eye roll. 

Other women had a bit more luck and mentioned some key body parts.

‘Nice thighs,’ one said.

‘A penis?’ another answered with a slight questioning tone.

‘They all had a large endowment,’ one confident lady announced, with added hand motions, for effect of course.

A blonde woman shared that lip service was important saying, ‘They’re good with their mouths,’ and gave the camera a sly smile. 

One detailed woman got hilariously specific saying ‘they all had medium size penises.’

But that wasn’t all. She went on to explain that she likes it when men are more feminine, defying the macho stereotype associated with masculinity.

Even if it's a little kinky! This young lady explained that being unashamed about one's likes and dislikes makes sex a positive experience

Show your feminine side: This woman answered hilariously honestly that what makes a great lover is a medium sized endowment and a feminine side

Feminine and Free! For this duo being unashamed and attentive describes an ideal lover

‘…And they’re very loving. They also all have a feminine side to them as well, which I love,’ she added.

Attention and communication were key for a majority of the women.

One curly-hair woman nodded saying, ‘Good oral sex and just very attentive people.’

A woman in a green sweater opened up about the importance of never letting shame get in the way of a happy sex experience. 

‘Being very open and communicative about what they want. Even if it’s a little kinky or whatever,’ she said on her favorite aspects of past sexual partners.

‘Just not being ashamed or letting sex become an embarrassing or shameful thing. Being very open,’ she added.

Another woman gave a brief smile and answered concisely with one word, ‘passion,’ saying that strong emotion encapsulates, for her, the essential part of a great lover’s experience. 

Be it passion or nice thighs or being open about kinky fetishes, the women’s’ list is not only extensive, it’s also incredible honest and worthy of some keen note-taking.