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Women finds out everything she’s ever known has been a lie

A young woman has revealed how a cryptic text from a stranger lead her to discover her real father wasn’t the man who raised her.

In fact, according to her ancestry DNA results, the stranger behind the text was her cousin, who she was related to through her biological father.

‘This f***ing text message right here changed my life forever,’ she told her TikTok followers.

A young woman has revealed the text message which changed her life forever 

She pointed to a grab of the text which read: ‘Hi Lane – This is not a spam message. I think it is really important that you take a DNA test from, and review your DNA matches. Good luck.’

The screen shot also shows Lane’s reaction, asking the sender who they are.

But she received yet another cryptic response: ‘I wish I could say, but it’s best to just let you do the test. Were you able to do it yet?’

Lane explained she got the message ‘about a year ago’ and thought it was fake.

But a friend convinced her it could be real, so she continued to text the stranger.

She said she had once done a 23 and me test and demanded to know who the person was again.

They insisted they didn’t want to get involved but that the two brands have ‘different data bases’.

‘You already are involved,’ she said.

They then said she has ‘other family she may not be aware of’.

She said she also phoned her mum to ask what was going on as she had been with her ‘father’ since college before divorcing when Lane was nine – blaming him for being unfaithful.

On the phone her mum admitted everything, and explained she had a brief affair during college, where she spent a romantic weekend with another man. 

The man was 10 years her junior, just 25, and she already had two children at home. 

‘She said it was a one time thing, he had even seen her on campus and said is that mine and she denied it.

‘This b***h either gaslit herself or thought she was going to take it to her grave.’

She got off the phone and ordered a test immediately, six weeks later she found out the man texting her was her cousin. Who had a similar story and didn’t want her to find out later in life about her own links to the family.

‘I messaged him (bio dad) immediately. He lives in California and he is British,’ she said, outraged.

‘He said my mum sent him a Christmas card when I was two years old which had my name in it, and he has googled my name ever since.

‘And in 2007 my name popped up and he saw a picture of me and said he knew immediately that I was his daughter.

She said she was in shock when she saw her biological dad's photo for the first time - as they are 'so similar'

She said she was in shock when she saw her biological dad’s photo for the first time – as they are ‘so similar’ 

The father then emailed her mother and asked to meet his daughter- but she told him she was mentally unwell and would hurt herself if she ever found out. 

So her father instead followed her on social media – where he watched her grow up, get married and have children, from the outside.

Lane finishes the video by sharing a picture of herself alongside her father – admitting the resemblance freaked her out. 

The video was inundated with comments from other people who found out their own families had dark secrets after using the tests. 

One woman found out her sister is only her half sister – that her mum had cheated on her dad leading their marriage to break down a year later.

‘My dad raised my sister like his own, he knew she cheated but loved my sister like his own. We’re in our 30s. my sister hasn’t let my dad know she knows yet,’ she said.

And the comments weren’t all about cheating mums.

‘I found out I have a half sister on Ancestry because my Dad cheated when I was 7. I found out at 39 thinking my family was always perfectly normal,’ one man wrote.

Others simply sent their own words of support to Lane and her father.

‘You look so much like your bio dad. You are beautiful. I’m glad he found you he must have a great heart,’ one woman said.

Others demanded a second video. 

She revealed she hasn’t spoken to the man who raised her yet, adding her sister spilled the beans when she got the results.

‘I can only imagine he is just as devastated as me,’ she said. 

 ‘For him and I not a lot changes. That is still my dad, I am still his daughter. My kids are still his grandkids,’ she said.

She added that her son is named after her ‘first dad’ and they facetime daily. She also added she has his signature tattoos on her neck and feels like she has two dads now.

‘The more the merrier,’ she said.

She also added that she cut her mum out of her life, and said it was the most difficult thing ever.