Wondering if it’s Time to Move Home? Here are Some Signs

If you have been secretly browsing property sites ‘just to look’, it might be your subconscious telling you that you’re ready to move home. Or if you’re starting to notice all of those annoying habits that your neighbours have, even if they were once your best buds, this could be a sign too.

This is according to a recent study by Mega Removals where around 2000 people answered questions all about their home, and wanting to move home. Apparently, one in three people who took part are actively wanting to move home, and most want to move somewhere bigger and better than their current pad.

Even if you’re not picking up on your neighbour’s annoying habits, or browsing the latest additions on RightMove, there are a few other symptoms of I-want-to-move-home-itis. And according to research a lot of people actually start to get itchy feet pretty quickly after moving home, as soon as three years after they move in.

But what are these other signs and symptoms? Well, if you’re finding that you are ignoring chores and DIY jobs around the house this is a definite warning sign. Especially if you used to love taking care of, or upgrading your home.

And if you are lusting after your friend, family or neighbour’s homes, it might be time to start a property search, particularly if you find yourself complaining about your own home at the same time.

The study also found that people who are keen for a move find themselves slowing down to have a nose at houses that are for sale, or daydreaming about how to decorate a new home.

But what keeps people from actually moving, even when they want to? A survey from Mega Removals found that one of the main issues is the frustration and stress of moving home and dealing with removals. Over 70% of respondents said that they found moving home to be the most stressful thing they’d done, and 50% reported that they’d put off the experience for as long as possible.

Other people reported that they felt ‘guilty’ for wanting to move home, after having spent so long finding their current home, and doing it up. So it’s clear that people have a very complicated emotional connection to their homes.

Another common issue is money. A lot of people report that they don’t have the money to move, usually, this relates to removals costs or the deposit that’s needed for a bigger place. Although almost a quarter of people in a survey from Keepmoat Homes said that they just hadn’t found a place they liked yet.

But what normally drives people to finally take the plunge and move home, is the need for more space according to research. This could be due to a growing family, and it’s also common when people change jobs or get promoted – the home acts as a sort of status symbol, with 31% of people admitting that the quality and size of their home is an important part of their identity.

Other reasons for people wanting to move include the desire to have a garden, or just wanting to move away from unpleasant neighbours or out of a dodgy area.

But most people do report that when they do finally decide to move, it often takes a lot longer than they expect. According to the survey from Mega Removals, 46% of people had to wait over six months to make their move. And 76% said it took far longer than they expected.