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Worker balances on a makeshift ledge while building a ‘scaffolding’ high up on a skyscraper

Shocking footage shows a death-defying construction worker balancing on scaffolding without safety ropes as he builds a mega tall skyscraper.

In the breathtaking video, the man erects scaffolding whilst hundreds of feet in the air without any safety harness at all – as his stunned co-worker gasps in disbelief.

The heart-stopping clip, which was filmed two weeks ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, shows construction workers building a skyscraper that is located on Jaltan Sultan Ismail – next to 33-storey Sunway tower.

The bewildering video has shocked Malaysians since it was published on Facebook and there have been calls to name and shame the reckless construction workers and the company they work for.

The clip begins by showing the top of the famous Petronas Twin Towers – which stand at a whopping 1,483 feet high and remain the tallest twin towers in the world – to give a sense of how high up the construction workers are.

The astonishing video – which is being filmed on a mobile phone by a co-worker – then pans to show a fearless male worker standing perilously on scaffolding whist over 700 feet high in the air.

The irresponsible man has no safety harnesses or equipment on him and would surely fall to his death with one false move.

Inches away from peril, the construction worker – who is wearing a hard hat and yellow shorts – picks up scaffolding poles and puts them above his head to form a bridge.

He then astonishingly climbs up the construction frame and walks on top of these precarious poles to get to the next level of scaffolding.

When he is standing on his makeshift pole bridge, the worker then daringly picks up a gigantic piece of scaffolding and affixes it to the frame – all whilst hundreds of feet in mid-air without any safety equipment.

As he does this, even his co-worker can be heard gasping in disbelief at his recklessness. Nevertheless, the man continues to work on the scaffolding and even walks on the hazardous pole bridge again.

The video then cuts to show another death-defying construction worker – a male just wears a bandana instead of a hard hat – balancing on the scaffolding without any safety ropes.

This man nonchalantly stands on the scaffolding and affixes the poles to the frame.

The camera then scans the breathtaking Kuala Lumpur skyline at that height. Afterwards the video shows the first construction worker in yellow shorts continuing to work on the scaffolding.

The video ends by showing the capital city’s landscape at a bird eye level once more.

The construction workers are believed to from Indonesia. The workers’ stupidity has been condemned by social media users in Malaysia and many have asked for them to be reported.

Nagendran Ramasamy said ‘This construction sites to be raided now. It’s such a shame. I can’t believe there’s still contractors who allow workers to run jobs in high places without any security awareness’.

Meanwhile Yvan Mabed commented ‘It’s pretty shocking to see that in 2018’.


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