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Workers across Australia urged to join global protests for climate change action

Workers across Australia are told to leave work early tomorrow and take part in global climate change strike

  • Software giant Atlassian and superannuation funds urging staff to protest
  • Former Greens candidate Simon Sheikh is a business leader endorsing action
  • Radical green group Extinction Rebellion is taking part in the demonstrations 
  • Protesters from this group glued themselves to the street, stopped city traffic 

Workers across Australia are being urged to leave work early to take part in a global climate change protest.

Australian software giant Atlassian and superannuation funds are allowing their staff time off to attend a day of demonstrations.

They are joining political forces with radical green group Extinction Rebellion, whose protesters last month glued themselves to the street in Brisbane and blocked traffic. 

Former Greens candidate and Labor adviser Simon Sheikh, who is now the chief executive of ethical investment group Future Super, is joining the call for action.

‘We came together with other Australian businesses to form Not Business as Usual because there’s nothing usual about students skipping school and asking adults to help them fight climate change,’ he told SBS.

From tomorrow, bells will be rung around the world as part of the Global Week For Future.


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