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Working Out at Home vs Working Out at the Gym

Have you ever wondered if going to a gym is more beneficial than working out at home? If that’s the case, let’s help you. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the two. As a bonus, you can read several points to consider when deciding.

Home or Gym Workout – Advantages

Working out at home and going to a proper gym both have their advantages. Before digging deeper, please start with this simple list of pros for the two:

Benefits of going to a gym

  • Fitness instructor guidance
  • Fitness program
  • Workout equipment
  • Motivation

Advantages of working out at home

  • No membership fees
  • Freedom for clothes, music, and workout time
  • Exercise independence and learning
  • No commute

Why Join A Gym?

Joining a gym has more benefits than drawbacks. Why? Let’s elaborate.

First, when you join a gym, you’ll have an attending fitness instructor. During sessions, he’ll guide you with the proper exercising form, methods, and frequency. After reviews and examination, he can adjust your regimen to cope up with your body’s changes.

Next, since you’re in a fitness program, you’ll have to follow and complete lessons or tasks. Consequently, you can’t skip or take shortcuts resulting in better outcomes. Lastly, with proper equipment, working out is more natural and effective than improvising at home.

Cons – Commute and Membership

Yes, there are definite benefits of joining a gym; however, there are also few drawbacks.

When you enroll in a gym, you’ll have to travel every session. On average, gym-goers travel 4 miles. While it’s manageable before exercising, it can be a problem when leaving exhausted and driving home. As a result, many individuals gave up their memberships and instead went back to their local gym.

On the other hand, if you’re to join a gym, please consider the membership costs. On average, gyms require payments of around £40 per month and £500 annually. If you think it’s a great deal, then it might be for you.

If a person decides to join a gym within the place they are residing in i.e in York. A gym in York would ideally suit, as the commute time wouldn’t be an issue.

Why Workout At Home?

Contrary to attending gyms, you have more freedom at home. While it might be ideal, there’s more to it.

When you exercise at home, you need to research and craft a workout regimen. Since you will be familiar with everything, moving can be more personal and less likely a chore. Aside from these, there is no need to shell out cash for membership fees.

Unlike in gyms, you can wear whatever you want under your roof. Besides, if you like listening to music, you don’t have to wear headphones; blast out speakers and play any song without anyone giving you a strange look. Lastly, since you don’t have specific schedules, you can have more flexibility and control of your time.

Cons – Motivation

The problem with having full control of your workout is the lack of motivation. Because you don’t have a strict program or attending trainer to follow, you might tend to exercise irregularly, skip schedules, and lose track of your progress. Yes, you have more freedom, but you might lack motivation in the process.

Gym And Home Workouts

While you can replicate some gym workout types at home, some require professional assistance and proper equipment. Regardless, these are the typical workouts at home and the gym:

Workouts at Home

  • Aerobics
  • Stretching
  • Balance exercise
  • Dancing

Workouts at the Gym

  • Strength-training
  • Weight management
  • Cardio
  • Swimming

What’s Best For You – Home Or Gym?

If you want proper training, adjustments, equipment, and results, you might want to consider joining a gym. However, if you only need basic exercises and loves more freedom, time-flexibility, and want to save money, then staying at home isn’t a bad idea at all.

Whatever you choose, the outcome will still depend on your motivation and urge to continue. Please remember, it doesn’t matter how and where you work out or how long you achieve your goal; the important thing is you’re happy, well, and comfortable. The journey is more important than the destination.