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World Cup reporter continues live show after fan throws…

World Cup reporter continues live show after fan throws beer in his face

A journalist had a beer thrown in his face by an angry fan during a live report of England and Croatia’s semi-final match on July 11.

Newshub Europe correspondent Lloyd Burr had the drink thrown over him by an Australian football fan while reporting from a World Cup watch site in Boxpark, Croydon.

The reporter, from New Zealand, kept his composure, saying: “It’s gone from jubilation to frustration, then anticipation… now it has turned to anger.”

Reporter gets beer thrown in his face

In a statement after the incident, Newshub said Lloyd and camera operator Simon Morrow were not hurt.

Newshub said: “Everyone here is relieved that they are OK and it’s a tribute to them that they carried on working as if nothing had happened.

“However it’s unacceptable that reporting staff attempting to carry out their professional duties should be exposed to such thuggish behaviour.

“Anyone who decides to engage in a criminal assault because they’re upset about the result of a sporting fixture needs to take a long, hard look at themselves and perhaps reconsider their life choices.”

Despite the incident, Burr kept his cool on camera and after the match said that he enjoyed watching the game.

Burr said: “Apart from the beer in the face (by a drunken Aussie), it was an epic atmosphere to watch a great game. [Simon Morrow] and I are all good.”


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