World Series TV ratings continue to get WORSE with Games 2 and 3 consecutively breaking the mark for least-watched Fall Classic matchup

  • The Diamondbacks and Rangers continue to struggle for television viewership
  • Game 1 of the World Series was the least-watched opener with 9.17 million views
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The ratings for the 2023 World Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers continue to go down with each passing game. 

The record for the least-watched World Series game was shattered by Saturday’s Game 2, then Game 3 on Monday.

Sports TV Ratings reported an average of 8.13 million viewers for Fox’s Game 3 coverage, making Game 2 a short-term record-holder with 8.15 million.

The series opener also ranked as the least-watched World Series Game 1 with 9.17 million viewers according to Sports Media Watch. The feat was previously held by the the 2020 ‘Bubble’ World Series between the LA Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays at the height of the pandemic, which garnered 9.35 million viewers.

Games 2 and 3 failed to generate a bigger audience than Game 3 of the Bubble series which had 8.16 million views. 

The Texas Rangers currently lead the Arizona Diamondbacks, 2-1, in the 2023 World Series

The Diamondbacks and Rangers beat the Phillies and Astros, respectively, in the postseason

The Diamondbacks and Rangers beat the Phillies and Astros, respectively, in the postseason

Two key factors to the lack of attention are the small market teams and absence of star power.

The Diamond Backs defeated the Phillies in the NLCS while the Rangers derailed the Astros in the ALCS. In doing so, two teams who had subpar regular seasons prevented a World Series that would have featured the likes of Bryce Harper and Jose Altuve. 

The World Series also finds itself competing with the NFL, NBA and college football for viewership. Game 3 had it worst with the NBA, NFL and NHL all having games during prime time. 

Fortunately, Games 4 and 5 – and possibly Games 6 and 7 – will take place while the NFL is off. 

The Diamondbacks levelled the series at 1-1 on Saturday after losing Game 1 in 11 innings. However, the Rangers regained the lead in Game 3, winning 3-1.