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Would YOU make your bridemsmaids wear this dress?

Would YOU make your bridemsmaids wear this dress? Bridezilla blasted for asking her ‘well-endowed’ and plus-sized friends to don a VERY skimpy halterneck for the big day

A bridezilla has been slammed for demanding her ‘well-endowed’ bridesmaids wear ‘skimpy’ dresses to her wedding.

The anonymous newlywed, believed to be from the UK, was shamed on a Reddit forum for telling her closest friends that they would need to wear a one-size-fits-all halter-neck wraparound dress for her big day.

An acquaintance of the newly-married couple wrote on the ‘Wedding Shaming’ forum: ‘Bride and half of her wedding party are plus-sized with large chests. 

‘The bride’s original choice of dresses for them had a nearly transparent chiffon tie-top with no support. They may as well have been wearing napkins over their boobs.’

In contrast, the bride made sure her dress provided more support to the bust so she was comfortable on the day.

An anonymous poster, believed to be from the UK, shared a photo of a similar dress to the one the bride originally wanted

Accusing the woman of knowing better, the poster continued: ‘The bride had her chest completely covered with thick straps for support. 

‘I mention she was plus-size too because she should know the struggle and likely took it into consideration when buying her own dress.’

The anonymous Reddit user explained how two of their close friends were members of the bridal party and managed to convince the woman to go in a different direction ahead of the big day.

Sharing a photo of a similar style of dress, the post continued: ‘Two of my friends were in the party and were dumbfounded at her decision. 

‘They managed to get her to change her mind to strapless dresses that at least had more support.’

Although the acquaintance didn’t think the bride had meant to be malicious, they highlighted how she had been more preoccupied by how her wedding looked as opposed to making her friends comfortable on the day.

 They added: ‘She really had the “aesthetic” over function blinders on for all of her wedding planning but this part stood out to me.’

The bride was slammed on Reddit - with people warning that one-size-fits-all dresses can turn into ' '

The bride was slammed on Reddit – with people warning that one-size-fits-all dresses can turn into ‘strip teases’

One user replied: ‘As a curvy woman, there’s no way I’d be showing my tummy!’

Another added: ‘It’s weird to want your bridesmaids to be showing cleavage and underboob to such a degree at your wedding.’

Speaking from experience, a third wrote: ‘Oh I had one of those “infinity dresses” that are “one size fits all” for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in.

‘This is exactly how supportive that was for my chest lol. If you don’t want your wedding to turn into a striptease, please allow your bridesmaids dresses that can cover supportive undergarments!’

‘That isn’t even a nice look for bridesmaids,’ a fourth fumed. ‘It’s showing way more skin than most bridesmaids want to!’


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