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Would YOU pay £19 for a bottle of fresh AIR?

A Swiss company is selling cans of ‘fresh air’ to tourists in the hope to ‘reanimate’ their senses.

Swissbreeze offers aerosol cans of oxygen, bottled in the mountain regions of Switzerland for £19 ($25. 90) in what they describe as a ‘cool souvenir’.

Describing the product the company writes: ‘Our goal is to provide you with the best, most pristine and freshest Swiss canned air, gathered in the most beautiful and remote lake and mountain regions.  

A Swiss company is selling canned air from the mountain regions for £19 ($25. 90) online 

‘Our Swiss made product will reanimate your spirits, clear up your mind and let you feel a breeze of Swiss serenity.’ 

The company is owned and run by Moritz Krähenmann, 25, from Zurich, who regularly travels to the Flüela Pass, a mountain road close to Davos where he collects up to 70,000 litres of the air at one time.

The air is purified and filtered before filling eight litres canisters which are sold for almost £20 online. 

Speaking to the Observer magazine Krähnemann recommended shoppers inhale 30 to 50 breaths for every hour they spend outside helping them ‘relax and calm the lungs’.

Krähnemann is certainly not the first to offer the product with bottled air launched in China in 2013. 

Swissbreeze is owned by Moritz Krähenmann who recommends customers inhale 30-50 breaths every hour they are outdoors 

Swissbreeze is owned by Moritz Krähenmann who recommends customers inhale 30-50 breaths every hour they are outdoors 

Entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao, sold soda pop-sized cans of air, purportedly from far-flung, pristine regions of China such as Xinjiang in the northwest to Taiwan, the southeast coast. 

At the time of the launch the businessman claimed to have sold 10 million cans have sold in 10 days as pollution levels climb to record highs. 

Canada was quick to follow suit launching company Vitality Air just one year on. 

Vitality Air was co-founded by Moses Lam and Troy Paquette in 2014. They travel to high rocky mountains in Alberta, western Canada for the fresh air, which is home to over 600 lakes.

In the mountains, massive cans are filled through clean compression with pure revitalising air.

On their website it says: ‘We strive to provide a premium quality necessity that isn’t always available. 

‘The best and the freshest necessity of life – fresh clean air and oxygen.’

They initially put the fresh mountain air into sealed plastic bags and sold it on eBay for 99 cents (65p) per bag.

Now they are selling one canister of compressed air for up to $46 dollars (£42) depending on the size.

The pair found that the product sold particularly popular in China.  

Speaking to the MailOnline, Harrison Wang, Vitality Air’s China representative, said: ‘It’s been a pretty wild ride for us as we only started to market the product a month and a half ago.

‘We got the website up and running, then put Vitality Air on Taobao – a Chinese website similar to eBay for online shopping – and we sold out almost instantly.’



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