Writer and TV star Peter Owen Jones reveals why he finds five-star hotels ‘toxic’

Writer and TV star Peter Owen Jones reveals his most memorable meal, why he loves Australia best and that he finds five-star hotels ‘toxic’

  • Peter Owen Jones says Cornwall is the most memorable spot he’s been to
  • With accommodation, the priest likes to find the cheapest places possible
  • He adds that he ‘feels at home everywhere’ but loves being back in Australia 

Peter Owen Jones is a man of many talents. He works as a parish priest, author and television presenter

Parish priest, author and television presenter Peter Owen Jones opens up about his simple travel habits, culinary adventures and where’s next on his wish list…  

Most memorable place travelled?

Cornwall is in my heart. I remember going to Trevone as a child and it was the Cornish light that did it. To experience that as a child was special. It’s something I recognise and long for now.

Favourite hotel?

I think the idea of luxury is cold. I find 5 star hotels toxic – what they pertain and the value system they project.

So where would you normally choose to stay?

I try to find the cheapest places. I like to stay with locals and really get to know the area.

How about Airbnb’s?

It definitely has issues but I do use them and I would choose an Airbnb over any hotel chain.

In which country do you feel most at home?

Peter says that he loves Australia, especially the outback, pictured

Peter says that he loves Australia, especially the outback, pictured

I feel at home everywhere but I love Australia. I love the weather and the white trunk trees and the scent, especially in the outback.

Most memorable meal?

I was in South Korea while filming around eight years ago and we stayed at a local’s house as there was nowhere else at the time. The breakfast was extraordinary. It was a typical Korean, made up of vegetables, kimchi and rice and it was cooked so well. The woman went out to the garden and we watched her pick the vegetables then cook this breakfast.

Is there any country you would love to visit?

I would like to return to Iceland. It has a deep mystery that I would love to explore further.

Everest England: 29,000 Feet in 12 Days by Peter Owen Jones is out now. 

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