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X Best Places to Recharge Your Body & Mind in the U.S

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While there might be nothing wrong with staying inside your house to recharge with the help of an effective self-care routine, heading out and discovering the world for new adventures is a game-changer.

Are you craving for a vacation that will recharge your body and rejuvenate your mind as well? If that’s the case, then make it this year’s goal and aim to forget about the worries and troubles of everyday life and plan a trip to one of the many famous locations the United States has to offer.

Trust us when we say this- When you arrive at any of these locations, you’ll wish you had done this sooner. So, without further ado, the following are the best places to visit in the U.S. if you’re looking to recharge yourself and get some much-needed energy back into your mind and body!

Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa, Tucson

If you’re looking to indulge in wellness activities with breathtaking views to take in, visiting Miraval is an excellent option. The Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa is all about harmonious mindfulness. More than a hundred and twenty fitness classes and wellness activities such as personal sessions and spa treatments are available at this location that allows you to have as much downtime as you want.

Moreover, you can also step out of your comfort zone with a horse ride or mountain biking adventure and then get some much-needed comfort through an Ayurvedic treatment session in the middle of nature.

Pigeon Forge, Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

When you’re searching for a vacation spot to become one with nature and revitalize your body and mind, Pigeon forge is a place that will fulfill all your adventure and wellness needs. This vacation spot includes tons of activities for people of all ages. Plus, it is the gateway to the all-so-beautiful Smokey Mountains.

Here, you can visit plenty of healthy and not-so-healthy eateries and enjoy activities such as go-karting, shopping, mini-golf, shows, and much more. When you arrive at Pigeon Forge, make it a point to rent one of the many pigeon forge cabins to have your very place to relax and unwind after all the adventures you’re planning.

Mii Amo, Sedona, Arizona

An adventure and a beautiful destination, Mii Amo consists of a rejuvenating and peaceful environment where you can connect with your inner self and Mother Nature. Mii Amo honors the ancient native tribes of Sedona that have lived in this location for generations. Not to mention, you can also try the Native American-inspired healing treatments that pay homage to the tribes’ wisdom.

Here you can work out every part of your spirit, mind, and body while enjoying healthy and delicious food that reflects the area’s culture. Mii Amo is the perfect place to get tons of much-needed ”Mii’ time.

Golden Door, San Marcos, California

The Words Golden door is the stuff of legends. One of the most beloved and renowned wellness vacation destinations, it has been healing visitors for more than sixty years now. All you’ll need to do is focus on why you visited this location in the first place; healing and recharging your mind and body!

That said, you’ll have everything you can think of while you stay here, including healthy meals, workout clothes, spa treatments, and much more.

With its soothing Zen vibe and Japanese décor, Golden Door will provide you with the best self-care possible. Not to mention the added benefits of a four-to-one staff ratio where four staff members will look after a single guest. On top of that, golden door donates all of its income to various charities.

MGM Wellness, Las Vegas, Nevada

Some people might say that Las Vegas is the last place to consider when talking about wellness destinations. However, because of the Stay well Program, visitors can experience an entirely different side of Las Vegas at three Different properties- Park MGM, The Mirage, and MGM Grand.

Book any Stay Well room, and you’ll enjoy wellness and health features, such as;

  • lighting options to improve sleep
  • a nutritious mini-bar
  • specially designed mattresses
  • Vitamin C-infused showers
  • an exclusive menu to the Cleveland Clinic software for 60 days

Even if you decide to gamble the night away, you’ll be coming back to a healthy environment inside your Stay Well room in the end.

Sunrise Springs, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Every aspect of Sunrise Springs exudes harmony and focuses on humans’ four elements: well-being- spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. It is achieved with the help of an experience filled with soul-nurturing and festive activities- And puppies, of course!

With the help from Assistance Dogs of the West, you can have a play session with future service dogs, socializing with them while lowering your blood pressure with all that cuteness overload. It will provide you with a unique vacation experience and allow you to improve human-animal bonds and relationships.

Moreover, Sunrise Springs consists of meaningful and beautiful experiences that leave you refreshed and recharged. Most people say that it’s down its historic waters, a sacred gathering place for many years.


Taking out time for your mental and physical well-being is an excellent idea. Every couple of years, you should try to take a few steps back from the worries of your daily life, pack some clothes, book a flight, and head out to one of the top wellness getaways that exist in the U.S.

So, whether you go hiking on the lush, beautiful Smokey Mountain or soak up the sun on the beaches of Miami, you should learn to let go once in a while and enjoy your life to the fullest.