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Yes, You Should Play in an Online Casino as a Pastime

While just a decade ago online casinos seemed like something that only very specific people would enjoy, some of the developments in the industry led to the emergence of hundreds of great businesses that managed to change the overall perception of online gambling and betting as a hobby. With hundreds of places to choose from, many players turn their heads to online reviews like this non gamstop casino sites — a whole new genre of informative writing helping millions of people make the right choice.

What happened in the industry that helped it pivot towards being more mainstream? There are three highly important factors here:

  1. Incredible progress in terms of communication technologies.
  2. Increased diversity of entertainment options.
  3. The convenience that came along with moving services to the World Wide Web.

Let’s talk about each of the factors to further prove that playing in online casinos is a great pastime for anyone eligible to play.

The era of information

The internet is undeniably one of the biggest inventions humanity ever made. By connecting millions of machines across the globe we managed to create an interconnected communication network. The advancements in the IoT and miniaturization further complicated the web weaving together literally billions of devices.

We can’t imagine the world without access to the internet. Many businesses started migrating online or changing their business structures in a way that would allow the incorporation of modern technology. The gambling and betting industry did not want to lag behind and soon the majority of betting was done online. In 2019, the size of the online gambling industry was evaluated at $58.9 billion with the expectation for it to grow to a staggering $92.9 billion in 2023.

It created a plethora of various issues in terms of both governmental control and interactions between clients and businesses. With the arrival of special regulatory bodies such as eCORGA at the beginning of the 2000s, the landscape of the industry started changing rapidly. New laws and regulations made things more transparent and fair.

As of 2020, the number of people who have at least some form of access to the internet grew to 4.13 billion. It is a staggering number. Roughly, 45% of the population of Earth uses the internet. The number is expected to grow even more with the development of third world countries and due to the rapid advancements that telecom companies make to expand.

To summarize, the internet became:

  • Bigger and more populated;
  • Over 45% of the world’s population is connected;
  • Online casinos are now regulated stricter;
  • The industry has been growing steadily.

The effects of progress in the information and communication field are apparent. However, this alone should not convince you that online casinos are a mainstream hobby in modern times.

Thousands of options and the tale of reliability

A typical online casino may host thousands of games developed by some of the finest software developers in the world. During the onset of the industry, several huge companies made huge strides to quickly switch to developing games for online casinos. While porting existing games was more than sufficient in the beginning, the industry was craving for more.

During the 2000s, new companies started appearing on the horizon, large conventions were held, and questions about fairness and transparency became crucial. Online casinos realized that software developers had to deliver products that would convince the clientele that playing online was safe, that odds were fair, and that playing itself could be considered entertainment.

NetEntMicrogaming, Play’n’Go, and other developers were aware of how strict local laws in some countries regulated returns to players and odds in general. At some point, everyone settled on roughly 95% RTP — a figure that satisfied everyone.

Games are designed to work around this particular number, but it led to increased variety. Now, developers had to come up with new, fresh ideas and create multilayered games with hidden levels, flashy graphics, and even RPG elements. Games with stories and adventure elements also became common by 2015.

Online casinos are now gaming centers with thousands of small yet engaging titles to choose from. Software developers make announcements of up and coming games as well as try their hardest to market them.

Playing on a cushion

The single greatest achievement of the gambling industry is that it now brings games to you. Before, you had to travel to certain places and locations, sit in noisy halls, and spend money on things like expensive food, alcohol, and accommodation. Today, you can enjoy some of the finest casino games while sitting in your favorite armchair.

Knowing that the competition became quite severe, online casinos started implementing generous promotions and special tournaments (you usually register in one automatically and gain points by simply playing) to stand out.

On the other hand, even hardcore casino enthusiasts soon became involved due to the arrival of live dealer games. Companies like Evolution created a powerful tool for online casinos to keep players engaged and emulate the experience of being in a hall of a Las Vegas casino perfectly.

Should YOU play?

Modern gambling in online casinos is safe, accessible, and convenient. It is also quite cheap compared to what it was years ago. Welcoming deposits, intense tournaments, and lotteries make it much more interesting for players to play regularly. The variety of games is unprecedented meaning that you always have something new to play!

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