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Yorkshire Ripper BLINDED by ‘bodged’ injection

  • Peter Sutcliffe was undergoing treatment to reverse damage caused by diabetes 
  • But he told a friend how they ‘f***** up’ his eyesight and left him totally blind 
  • The killer lost sight in his left eye in 1997 when a fellow inmate attacked him 

Peter Sutcliffe is now completely blind after a failed attempt to undo damage to his eyesight caused by diabetes.

The 71-year-old killer has to have a buddy wheel him around Frankland Prison in County Durham, where he has been moaning about being unable to watch TV.

An injection to clear the blurriness in his right eye went horribly wrong, with the murderer telling a friend ‘they have f***** up my eyesight’.

Peter Sutcliffe (pictured at the time of his killing campaign) has been left completely blind after the procedure 

After losing the sight in his left eye when another inmate attacked in him in 1997, the attempt to improve vision in his right eye left him without vision in either, The Sun reports. 

‘They bodged it and I can’t see at all,’ the killer said. ‘I can’t watch the TV or read letters and emails. I made a cuppa but missed the cup with the milk — it’s awful.’

The serial killer will be applying for a white stick to help him get around the prison, where he is serving 20 concurrent life sentences.

Sutcliffe murdered 13 women in the UK and attempted to murder seven others.

The former Bradford lorry driver attacked and murdered women between 1976 and 1981 using knives, hammers and screwdrivers.

Most of his victims were women working as prostitutes.

The murderer has told a friend how he can no longer watch TV or make a cup of tea after the 'bodged' treatment 

The murderer has told a friend how he can no longer watch TV or make a cup of tea after the ‘bodged’ treatment 

But last year he confessed on tape to a savage attack on a 14-year-old schoolgirl because he wrongly thought she was a prostitute.

Sutcliffe admitted hitting Tracy Browne with a branch before throwing her over a wall.

Despite having suffered two fractures to her skull Tracy managed to stagger to a farmworker’s caravan and he raised the alarm.

Sutcliffe confessed to being the Yorkshire Ripper in 1981 after police apprehended him with a prostitute.