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You need to read this guide before buying your favorite crystals

If there is one thing that every home needs, that is positive energy and one of the reasons why you should consider how to decorate your house with stones and crystals. We bring you the definitive guide to get started in crystal therapy.

You need to read this guide “where to buy crystals” before buying some natural crystals from a crystals shop like Contempo Crystals Shop.

We know that you have come to this article because one of two: or you are a lover of crystals and stones, you know what precious stone you should wear according to your horoscope and you know we’ll all its natural properties beyond its decorative intention.

Or you remain somewhat skeptical of its capabilities but have been strongly attracted to its beautiful and bright colors, the ones that emanate from the cover image with which we have trapped you.

We do not intend to convince you about any pseudoscience, but to open you up to the possibility of obtaining energy through elements of nature such as gems, crystals, or minerals.

Do we mean that these have magical powers? No, plain and simple it has been proven that this natural energy establishes the flow of energy in the body, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance of a person.

So if you have already tried, for example, ideas to decorate according to Feng Shui and attract all the good to your life, you will be familiar with some concepts.

Raw crystals and stones have been used for millennia in ancient cultures because they were believed in their healing power.

The cultures have definitely made scientific sense thanks to the concepts of electromagnetism and quantum theory (from the hand of physicist James Clerk Maxwell), to explain how everything vibrates at a certain frequency, allowing crystals to change the frequencies of other objects, and bodies when they occupy the same space.

Nikola Tesla himself has already explained that the vibration of energy is vital to understanding the universe and showed that certain forms of energy can change the vibrational resonance of others. And this is the basic concept of crystal therapy: crystals and stones have the ability to change the vibration of the cells of the body.

This is related to what this alternative therapy maintains: that they can absorb, store, reflect and radiate light in the form of intelligent fields of stable energy, to increase the flow of vital force in the physical bodies and their energy centers, the chakras ( if this interests you, do not miss how to harness the energy of the moon).

Another science-backed reason to think its properties really work? Look for it in the piezoelectric effect (discovered by Pierre, Marie Curie’s husband), which simply means that crystals can change the form of energy, such as quartz in watches, which convert electricity (that of the battery or batteries) into mechanical energy (the hands that move).

In case you didn’t know, chips in computers and other electronic devices also contain quartz.

Other studies have pointed to the popular ‘placebo effect’ (the power of suggestion of each person, closely related to the negative thoughts of your mind) when it is said that holding a crystal or placing it in certain parts of the body promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing, or when it is claimed that some crystals supposedly relieve stress or others enhance concentration or creativity.

Well, whatever your feelings about it, there is something that pushes you to incorporate them into your home, even just admiring them makes you feel good and improves your mood, so if you want to get a few crystals, you should know how to start with them.

We come with the definitive guide to start you in conscious practice, beyond its decorative or aesthetic vocation.

Decoration stones and crystals: choose them according to your intention

In fact, crystals can contain the energy of our intentions and help us re-tune into our goals or ambitions. Whether you are looking to reduce stress naturally, accept more love from yourself or follow your passion in life, there is a crystal with adequate energy to help you with that goal.

So while they all look gorgeous to you, you’d better choose based on what you’re trying to attract in your life. For example, raw rose quartz to attract unconditional love, amethyst to attract good vibes, green aventurine for work and prosperity, or black tourmaline for protection.

Now, if you feel particularly attracted to a specific stone, even just because of its color, shine, or aesthetic appearance, that is the one you should choose since there is a specific reason why it attracts you. Let yourself be carried away by intuition.

Decoration stones and crystals: three basic crystals to start with

If you are not clear about your intention or a goal that you want to attract, it is a good idea to get those stones or crystals that you like the most or are pleasing to the eye, those that make you happy just by looking at them.

If you do not know what type of crystals to bring home, experts advise three basic crystals as a starting point for any home: amethyst rose quartz, and selenite, which will bring a soft and cozy energy to your space.

The amethyst can be placed in the living room or hall, it will absorb negative energy and radiate positive energy, generating a relaxing and protective environment.

For your bedroom, rose quartz is perfect, it will make it easy to open up to your partner and enjoy a conscious relationship, expand the relationship and reduce stress.

While the selenite can be distributed in several pieces by the windows of the main floor, because it attracts positivity and makes it circulate, bouncing it throughout the house.

If you are moving to a new apartment or house, to this pack of crystals you can add black tourmaline to attract protection, and black onyx, which promotes strength, self-confidence to help you be more sure of yourself and contributes to you are in harmony with your environment.